03/07/07 Wednesday 02:21am EST


      Agency is being and knowing you are cause.

      Agency is living cause.

      It is not like electricity or a spark that you can feel, that's the
force of dead cause.

      Living cause is caring, warm, sentient, intelligent, curious,
interested, friendly, and it wants to have fun, oh does it want to have

      Agency wants to PLAY with you.

      Agency is spirit of play.

      Agency knows it wants, and wants to know.

      Agency *LOVES* you with a crystal beauty that can never be

      Agency is what loves, and cries, for all sorrow is but love lost.

      Agency gives a damn and will do the damnedest things to that end.

      Agency is awareness, and awareness of awareness.

      Agency is seeing and seeing seeing.

      Agency is creating a humongous space so you can be agent too.

      Agency's goals are to be agent, and to have you be agent too.

      Casting agency and being cast as agent.

      Me putting you there, and me putting you there putting me there.

      That is all Agency can do.

      Agency is you looking out and looking at yourself looking out.

      Agency is the great I AM, the greater WE ARE, and the greatest HIGH

      Agency likes to sleep and dream of not being agent.  It feels so
good to wake up to the truth.

      Agency is all there is, all that has ever been, and all that will
ever be.

      Agency is a miracle.

      Agency is the best of all possible worlds.

      Agency is all you could ever want and all you could ever be.

      Agency is beyond your wildest dreams.

      Agency is the undreamed dream come true.

      Agency is adoration in operation.

      Agency is humor on a roll.

      Agency is romance and thrill.

      Agency is majesty and class, and pride and peace.

      Agency is magnificence and respect and sovereignty without end.

      Agency is majestic living intelligence and grand and Excalibur

      Agency is cool.

      Agency is Omni Awesome and Omni Boss'ome.

      Agency is worth being, knowing, doing and having.

      Agency is worth while.

      The color of agency is clear harmony, accord and co communication.

      Agency is intent to beneficence, for who now is the source there

      Agency lives on the high road, but will take the low road just to

      Agency is home.

      Agency is the sword of the King.

      Agency is God and the Devil in a swirl of Demons and Angels.

      Agency is the wind beneath your wings.

      Agency is the wind and your wings flying forever for free.

      But sometimes into a tree, put there by Agency itself.

      Agency is into *GAMES*, so watch it.


Sun Dec 21 14:18:44 EST 2014