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     Goober and Dufus were in physics class one day, and their physics
teacher, Prof Smartbright gave the class a home work assignment to turn
in the next day.

     The professor told them that the Fairview highrise was 100 feet
tall, and he wanted to know how long it takes a ball to fall from the
roof to the ground.

     The bell rings and everyone is getting up to leave when suddenly
Dufus runs down the aisle and hands the teacher a paper with his answer
on it.

     The next day at the beginning of class Goober also hands in his
paper along with the rest of the students.

     Dufus of course knew his physics, he knew that distance equals one
half acceleration times time squared.

     He also knew that the acceleration of Earth's gravity was 32 feet
per second per second.

     Thus solving for time, it came to the square root of 2 times the
distance divided by 32 or 2.5 seconds.

     He didn't need a whole day to figure that out so he handed in his
assignment at the end of the class the day before and enjoyed his night
watching movies.

     Goober on the other hand, handed in a long set of lab sheets.  He
had actually gone to the roof of Fairview and dropped a small ball 100
times from the roof, recording how long it took for the ball to hit the
ground with a digital stopwatch.  He got numbers like 2.49, 2.51, 2.5
etc, and he averaged them all up.

     The average turned out to be 2.501, but he also noted the formula
that Dufus had used and mentioned at the end of his lab work that his
numbers agreed very closely with the theoretical expected result of 2.5
seconds, with differences possibly accounted for by his reaction time.

     When Dufus and Goober got back their home work assignments, who got
the A and who got the D-?

     Well what the teacher asked for was 'how long does the ball take to
fall from the roof to the ground?'

     Not theoretically, but actually.

     Perhaps the laws of physics don't change every day, but it was
mighty presumptuous of Dufus to assume they wouldn't change on THAT day,
if they had, his answer would have been wrong.

     After theories stand the test of time, no one bothers to test them
any more, they fall into the category of 'every one knows its true'.

     Goober on the other hand didn't trust the theory, and he didn't
figure he was being asked to, he knew he was being asked to LOOK in a
new unit of time.

     So he went and did the experiments himself and found that they
correlated with theory pretty well on that day.

     Scientists of the Rock do the same thing, ever talk to a Quantum
Physicist?  Everything out of his mouth is quanta this, uncertainty
that, can't know this, probability that.

     They think free will means random will.

     You can't get them to spot a certainty of two different colors in
front of their face because they start talking about photons and
physical universe stuff.

     YOU start the conversation talking about his conscious universe,
and HE convulsively switches it to talking about the physical universe.

     They CAN'T talk about their conscious universe because everyone
knows consciousness doesn't exist as a real thing, its merely a process
in our brains.

     YOU start talking about perfect certainty of perception, and THEY
start explaining about how in the physical universe certainty is
impossible.  They are quite right, but there is certainty right under
their noses and they can't see it because it doesn't fit their stupid

     Theories are like blinders.

     Observations take precedence over theory.  In the end if you have
no observations your theories are meaningless, and in the end if you
have an observation which contradicts a theory, that theory is false.

     And if you have an observation that supports your theory, your
theory is no better off than it was.

     And people get PhD's for this stuff?

     Well yes, they get PhD's for dependability, but they then confuse
dependability for *TRUTH*.

     People who become married to their theories become unable to make
observations that do not support their theories.  They see the world
through 'theory colored glasses'.  This results in an utter failure of
themselves as a scientist.

     A scientist with a small theory ball can not only carry themselves
into hell or oblivion, they can and have carried entire races and
civilizations into oblivion.

     Even people who don't suffer from academentia will do this.

     You say 'pretend we are dreaming and you are looking at a red apple
on a table.  Now how do you see the red?'

     They say 'Well um, oh yeah the photons from the sun hit the apple
and come into my eye...'

     What photons?  What eye?  Your dream eye?

     The sun in your dreams lights nothing.  Get a clue.

     Self luminousness lights only it's *SELF*.

     You can't get them to look at their conscious looked ats AS
conscious looked ats, for more than a few seconds before they revert to
thinking they are seeing the alleged physical universe referent.

     People believe their eyes are a glass window onto the world.

     Thus they think they are certain of the physical universe.

     They can't stop seeing the world through theory colored glasses.

     Sometimes it takes an axe through the head to get them to stop
doing so.  Once they exteriorize over a dead body, they understand

     Goober got the A.


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