The science of certainty has been written for the scientist lest it
fall into the hands of new age crystal gazers and religious know
nothings and turned into just another monument to bigotry.

     The joke is, the new age crystal gazers get it, the Phd's don't.
     The soullessness of modern day science is not a shining
example of truth either.

     Their highest pinnacle of success has been the science of
UNCERTAINTY leading them down the garden path into worlds of virtual
reality, illusion and delusion, all the while thinking it is actual,
like someone lost in an arcade game.

     The final delusion is that consciousness is a process in the
physical universe, when in truth the physical universe is a process in

     The game player is not OF the game.

     If you can even handle the possibility of this without dismissing
it out of hand, you are part of the solution rather than part of the

     The light of perfect certainty illuminates the existence of the
soul because it IS the soul.  The soul is the answer to the question
"What is it that sees red and blue and what is it that is certain that
it sees red and blue, i.e.  two different colors?"

     The soul is the light bulb seeing itself.

     LOOKER and LOOKED-AT are one.

     There are those who would prefer that you not know you exist or
that you live in doubt of any certainty.

     Their intent is not good.

     Know them then by their lack of perfect certainty on ANY matter.

     And by minds polluted to the hilt with 'certainties' that can not
possibly be.

     They doubt that they doubt, and they doubt that they doubt that
they doubt.

     They doubt by POLICY, and they doubt that too, which they then
claim is consistent with policy!  But that too they doubt in order to
further remain consistent with policy.

     And they walk on the streets among us, otherwise intelligent and
'productive' human beings in the games of life.

     However if you can't attain perfect certainty that you doubt
things, your conscious light is out or flickering on the edge.

     This is a mental illness that is not good for Earth.

     If you aren't perfectly certain you exist, then please stop

     I mean really, to hell with you, if you can't be certain you exist,
then you won't be certain you are in hell when you get there.  So what
difference would it make?

     There are those that hate Earth, that hate life, that hate trying
to be here and make a go of it.

     They can't wait to get to heaven, and don't care how they get
there, and they don't care whether they leave the Earth growing green or
glowing green.

     This is the legacy of bigots, those lost in the false light of
false certainties and blind to the true light of true certainties, the
only true certainties there are, I AM, I WANT, I KNOW and I DO (CAUSE).

     It is as simple as that.

     But they will tell you that I AM, I WANT (CARE, GIVE A DAMN), I
KNOW, and I DO are delusions of the brain falling for its own illusions.

     The false certainties can only last while there is no light of true
certainty, so it is imperative that the Proof and true certainties be
buried out existence for things to continue on the road to ruin.

     Learning with certainty is impossible across a space time distance,
therefore there is no distance between you and anything you can perceive
with certainty.

     You have never seen the physical universe, and can not know whether
it exists or not.  All you have ever seen is your conscious rendition of
it, your personal dream of it, and that is all you can be certain of.

     The road to ruin is built by bricks of bigotry.

     The moral superiority of those going to heaven FOREVER and the
irredeemable moral inferiority of those going to hell FOREVER.

     The other side of bigotry is class.

     "Class is an attitude, that *ALL* should live forever and be my
friend.  Desire is sovereign.

     This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are all holding
hands again." - Adore

     Religion has rarely tried to advance the world in present time,
science at least has tried, all of chemical, biological, atomic and
genetic warfare to the contrary.  These are the weapons of science in
the hands of animals and bigots.

     What religion will do with The Proof I shudder to think, but
science should understand that perfect certainty is the bridge between
science and religion, between the physical and the spiritual.

     Nothing physical can be certain of anything, and thus we *DEFINE*
that which can be certain of I AM, I WANT, I KNOW and I DO, to be the
spiritual, to be of the Spirit, the timeless, spaceless, dimensionless
conscious unit.

     Certainty of implies zero dimensionality of.

     The single greatest difference between the physical and the
spiritual is this one thing called perfect certainty.

     That which has it is spiritual, that which doesn't is not.

     Science should understand that consciousness is a window between
the physical universe and God, the great multi I AM being, and that each
and every one of us is one of those I AM's in carnation.

     Thus one does not have to go far to find an instantiation of God,
and one does not have to send to find for whom the bell tolls.


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