Michael (mickel1234@blueyonder.co.uk) wrote:
>I can see that, so it is a process of extraction then? from all the things 
>that got us into our present situations, as a person extracts themselves 
>from all this stuff they become more aware of their Spiritual nature and do 
>not rely on mind pictures anymore, or should I say are not controlled or at 
>the effect of the mind.

     On learns through life that being unable is good for one.

     This needs to be unlearned at every point we learned it.

     Every lock, secondary, engram is a moment of learning, postulates
made to commit to that learning, all of which needs to be unlearned.

     The bank is held in place by dramatizing the learning we did
during the incidents that are in chronic restim.  We call this being
in the winning valence (even if it is our own to gain sympathy), and
that 'learning' of how to win needs to be as-ised.
     This has nothing to do with physical universe learning, which is an
intentional game of learning, this has to do with spiritual ability,
which comes as a total knowingness which doesn't have to be taught how
to operate properly.
     The total knowingness knows very well how to operate and how to
screw itself to the nearest tree.  Everything learned by the total
knowingness about how to operate is a nail in its cross.

     So don't confuse the thetan and body, the thetan gets better by
unlearning, the body gets better by learning.  Two different worlds, two
different games.


Sat Mar 24 01:28:45 EDT 2007