OK, here is Adore's answer to free will.

     Nothing can be free of its own nature.

     Freedom, in the sense of being undetermined by ANYTHING, would lead
to random activity which would be worse than evil, as there are more
ways to harm than to help.

     However the will is not undetermined by anything but is in fact
bound by its fundamental desires, and then by its created desires.

     Freedom then is measured by whether a will is able to do what it
wants to do.
     If you are in a room and you desire to leave, but the door is
locked, you are not free.
     If the door opens and you can leave, then your will is free to do
what it wants on that particular matter.

     The fact that you desired to leave the room in the first place
however is absolute, and the will is determined by that desire.

     The general equation is then that


     What the will does is a function of what it wants and what it knows
about how to get what it wants.

     The question arises can a will changes its own desires?

     Only if it desires to :) 
     So superficially yes it can change its own desires, but ultimately
no, it is always ruled by its ruling desires, which can not be changed,
created nor destroyed,, only rendered operable and unoperable during its
manifest and unmanifest cycles.

     Further more a will cannot desire just anything, its desires
are fundamentally constrained by its own fundamental nature.
     A will can not desire to destroy itself forever for example, as its
fundamentl desire it to be and not be in finite whiles forever. :)

     A will however can do things and originate desires that are NOT a
function of its past in space time, thus it can make prime postulates
and actions that can not be traced to prior determinism IN SPACE TIME.
     But anything the will does can always be traced to its true eternal

     Thus an undetermined will is not desirable.

     A will that is state determined in the physical universe is a game
condition and is desirable as long as the will is happy being a stimulus
response machine.  Most people are that way most of the time, and
civilization grows just nicely.

     They are playing a game of life just like the computer game called

     A will that is not state determined but can produce large
quantities of prime postulates is even better, but this is OT and an OT
is as likely to postulate downwards as upwards.  That is what OT is and
does, how do you think you got here?

     A will that can do what it wants is happy and as free as free comes
in that sense only.


Sat Mar 24 01:49:47 EDT 2007