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>Often true.  There are exceptions, though.  Sometimes a session was largely 
>about confronting wrong indications, and a lot of the gain is in blowing 
>them off, but much of it is about assigning the CORRECT indication.  In this 
>case, it's correcting the lesson learned.

     The correct indication is ultimately not necessary, but practically
its hard to give up the wrong one until a right one comes along.

     However one eventually 'learns' to not need the correct one, as
this then becomes an addiction to answers.  Is the question that is
driving the being nuts.

     "How to get free: put the question in the past and the answer in
the future and enter the void between" - Adore

>I don't believe that all learning is "additive", and therefore aberrative. 

     Sorry, if its not additive, then there is no need to remember any
of it.  Anything one needs to remember must be additive of mass and must
never forgets etc.

     Total knowingnesses don't actually 'know' anything in the sense of
learning.  They can operate creating things to know and then learning
and remembering them, but they are sinking at that point.

     The weight of one memory, given eternity will sink one.

>I'm not so sure I'm an adherent of the school that we are fallen gods.  I'm 
>more of the school that we are evolving towards godhood. 

     Can't happen.  Sovereignty can not be regained.

     This idea that if you just knew all the somethings you needed to
know you would be all powerfull is the biggest trap there is.

     Power comes from not knowing things, actively.

     The one way flow of trying to know would sink an AllThatIs.
     "The Craftsmanship of Divine Not Knowing.

     You can know anything by not knowing.

     You can not know anything by not knowing.

     But only if you pride not knowing,

     And pride knowing for real,

     And pride knowing only proud knowledge.

     If you don't know this, then

     Pride not knowing this, and

     will know this, if you will.

     Hypocrisy is being proud you don't know because you can't know
and hate it.

     Fun is finding and unearthing unearthly hypocrisy.

     Pride is intention towards operating craftsmanship of class.

     Desire is Sovereign.  Appreciation is for winners.

     Numb is withheld/refused Apology.

     Time is a monument to self apology.

     Time is your monument to your failure to have fun.

     Omni good work, and Omni Amen.

     You Chose.

     Pride not know.

     If you were proud you didn't know for real, you would be able to
know anything you wanted.

     You have been betrayed.

     In the proud space and time of not know, know arises at will.

     This is most amazing, power at this level is unimaginable.

     Things are created in the conception of them.
     There is no freedom, just willingness, power and appreciation.

     Mood, rhythm and rhyme remove the need for reason." - Adore


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