>I explore many ideas, fun isn't it, but then I go out and dig the garden 
>(chop wood) and talk to lots of people everyday, If I have BTs or entities 
>of some sort, the little fuckers don't get a look in because I am so busy 
>with living life.

     Either that or you are being one while chopping.  :)

     What's his name?  What's his job title?  How many is he?

     1.) BT's aren't little.  Excessive amounts of little BT's is a
focus problem.  If your BT's can't pick you up and throw you across the
room, you just ain't paying attention.

     2.) Wanna see a BT right now?

     Close one eye and look at the world.  You see that image you are
seeing?  That's a BT glowing in the void.  The visual world is like a
glow in the dark tatto on the BT's substrate.

     Now close the other eye and look out through the other.  That image
is a second BT glowing in the void.

     Part of the reason people can't exteriorize is they try to take
their 'vision of the world' with them, and they end up ripping those two
BT's out of the body's head which will kill it.

     The exterior world does not look like the two vision BT's are
showing it to you.


>Have fun.

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