Michael (mickel1234@blueyonder.co.uk) wrote:
>I have something in me (Whatever it is) that just does not want to go near
>this area of entities whatsoever.

     It's a BT.

     Get its eyes, it has to be looking at you literally or figuratively.

     "You are a BT or Cluster!"  Said accusatively.

     "Who are you?"

     "What are you?"

     "HOW MANY ARE YOU?"  In the gobzillions perhaps.


     The BT grave yard forms the warp core of evil in the
center of the body.  Its almost impossible to confront, like
opening pandora's box, only you gotta BECOME the dark one, in order
to free it.

     Be it, put it there, let it go.


>"Michael"  wrote in message
>> "Michael"  wrote in message
>> news:yc4Ph.2388$NK2.1599@text.news.blueyonder.co.uk...
>>> "craig"  wrote in message
>>> news:1175223554.684938.95520@r56g2000hsd.googlegroups.com...
>>>> I'm about to embark on the standard OT III. According to some, this
>>>> action may be unnecessary, or there is a better alternative.  Can
>>>> someone enlighten me on this topic before I go mess with this area of
>>>> my case.............
>>>> Craig R.
>>> Dear Craig
>>> There is an anomaly here! Why are you asking us? If you are doing
>>> Scientology, do you not have a C.S.? if not, I should get one.
>>> Are you sure OTIII is an area of your case? you can't be sure because you
>>> are asking on here.
>>> As for alternatives, look on the internet, there are hundreds of
>>> thousands I should think.
>>> If you don't know if you should do OTIII or not, I should start chopping
>>> wood until you do know, that is not a joke, a person needs a balance
>>> here, too much into mind stuff, BTs whatever and you can lose your grip
>>> on reality.
>>> I explore many ideas, fun isn't it, but then I go out and dig the garden
>>> (chop wood) and talk to lots of people everyday, If I have BTs or
>>> entities of some sort, the little fuckers don't get a look in because I
>>> am so busy with living life.
>>> Have fun.
>>> Mike
>> Hi Again Craig
>> I'm in a shit mood this week, I'm handling some very old
>> postulates/precepts using "the CleanSlate Procedure" and Repeater
>> technique, haven't got to the core of the sod yet so I am going round
>> upsetting every bugger I meet.
>> Bts, Entities, whatever are beyond my reality, I don't work that way, I
>> use my mind to envisage things I want, not to look for what other people
>> have as their reality.
>> You will have to get in touch with people who have experience of this,
>> (you can find them on here).
>> Here is a good site as well:
>> http://freesolo.homepage.dk/index-2.html
>> There is quite a bit of information on entities you can find by various
>> people on the net, not just a Scientology slant.
>> I would point you towards positive processing such as you will find in
>> Knowledgism, and many other sources you can find on the net.
>> But if the OT3 thing interests you then what the hell, if it don't work
>> out for you at least you will then have the experience and you can then
>> look for something else.
>> I would not deny that there are things outside our normal body
>> perceptions, use your intuition, What feels right for you.
>> Mike

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