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>This assumes that truth causes vanishment, and so far that hasn't been
>shown to most people's satisfaction - perhaps I should just speak for
>myself on that one.  We could say that truth causes vanishment of
>ignorance. Or truth causes vanishment of falsehood. But your claim is far
>wider than that.

      Yes, it is tempting to water down Scientology to fit one's own
needs for persistence.  Thus people just don't 'get it', Scn that is.

They want a way to persist better, Scientology is not it.

      The only real way to 'persist better' is to be more facile at
unpersisting things, both good and bad.

      Trying to get good to persist and bad to vanish is a major
expanding trap.  Mainly because all persisting good falls short of the
glory of vanishing truth.

      The greatest beauty is just before you go out.

      You just can't get there by staying in.

      All manifestation, all conscious-of, is dream time, holographic
projections of MEST on the physical plane, and emotions, ideas and
higher stuff on higher planes.

      Each manifestation in turn can be fully as-ised to complete
vanishment through the process of perfect duplication as Hubbard calls
it, or perfect replication or reoperation as Adore calls it.

      The slightest alter-is of one's perception of the item will cause
it to continue to persist.  Since ANY significance at all is alter-is,
one can see how things might hang around with people looking at them and
using them, desiring them, hating them, blaming them, wondering who
caused what, rather than getting the as-isness of them.

      As-isness first vanishes one's own perception of the thing, one's
compulsive tuned-in-ness to the universe, but at a higher state it can
vanish anything, including force, matter, energy space and time, as they
are all dreams in this theory.  This would be a full OT VIII as
originally envisioned.

      There is only one mechanism of creation and that is as-isness, and
only one mechanism of destruction and that is as-isness, and only one
one mechanism of persistence and that is alter-is and not-is.  Not-is is
a subset of alter-isness.

      The true truth is nothing created.  This is because creation came
second to eternal but unmanifesting being.  But eternal beingness is not
eternal consciousness-of the way most people think, llike God is hanging
out in space listening to his angels singing forever and ever.  No,
that's hell.

      If you can imagine an unenforced sleep on the part of an infinite
being with all abilities intact but quiescing, in an undisturbable
unimpingable peace forever for free, you will have some idea of what the
static native state is.

      WHY it moves into manifesting is not understandable, it is only
operable.  It is however agreeable :)

      The total knowingness is the quiescing sleeping God, it has perfect
innate competency, it 'knows' how to operate, how to move in and out of
manifestation.  It has no ideas about this, no knowledge or know about,
it is conscious-of nothing in the unmanifested state.

      The first consciousness-of, the first waking thought, the first
dreamtime colorform are the first creations.  These do not hang around
unless the being engages in adding significance.  They come and go like
fleeting images on the face of eternal peace, but once one is grabbed
onto and altered with significance, then they start to hang around and
coalesce into dreamtime for the being.

      The being is Master and Apprehentice all wrapped into one, without
knowing anything about being either.  It can just do it.  It didn't have
to learn it, it can't teach it, it just knows how, the ability to
operate is built into the fundamental structure of its ground.

>>     It is in part why true enlightenment is so scarce, people are
>>seeking a persisting truth rather than a vanishing truth.

>It would never occur to me to seek a vanishing truth. I would have never
>come up with that one in a million years.

       Neither would I, which is why I owe Hubbard one.


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