Craig ( wrote:
>Nope. I'm in Elma. Got Clear here, then Ot 1 and II. Pat Krenik will C/
>S when I'm ready. I'm just balking because I learned at Knowledgism
>several years ago that to do OT 3 is akin to getting rid of all of
>your "teammates". I haven't studied the material yet but am getting
>ready to, and I just want to do the right thing. Confusion, ya know? I
>need data.......

     People have cases.

     BT's (Body Thetans) have cases.

     Clearing anybody isn't getting rid of your team mates.

     BT's and bodies are clustered in ways that are not good for either.
     The head thetan in the body is dramatizing his BT's full throttle,
that's why he is in the body.

     Once clear, the being will leave the body, and the BT's will leave
their cluster mess.  That doesn't mean they leave each other, or abandon
any long term team playing they might want to do.

     Some will leave as they don't natively belong to the group
they are in with the present preclear.  Other's will come back from
where they were cleared to rejoin your present preclear because
they didn't belong there either, but belong here.

     So any particular group of team mates will change over time
as they sort out whose team they actually belong on.

     But a trillion BT's clustered into the space of body isn't a team,
its a cluster crucifixion in a sardine can.

     They can't play at all, they can only dramatize trying to die and
killing anyone that wakes them up.

     Wake them up, clear them anyhow, and they expand in space to many
light years away.  It might look like they are leaving, but if you ask
them to stay and play they will, at a distance that suits them, probably
in Orion somewhere.

     The real issue is did the incident of OT III happen to the BT's as
written and how many times.
     Frankly it is much more likely that you would have found OT II nuts
than OT III.

     Meaning if you didn't find OT II nuts, you surely will not find OT
III nuts.

     As in all things, audit what is there to audit, not by claim or
duress of authority but by direct perception and certainty.

     Don't make something out of nothing, and don't make nothing out of


>If there's a Knowledgist out here, I'd like to hear WHY doing OT3 is
>bad for you. And if so, then what do you do about any bad BTs hangin
>around? (I don't see anything in the archives yet about this. Yes, I
>already read "Who or What Is Man; Who or What Are you?) I guess I'll
>go get that lecture, too.


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