muldoon ( wrote:
>The above is "Commodore Elron Elray"/"Capt." Bill Robertson-esque

>Anyone want that?

     Actually the E/P is very desirable.  Running OT I is almost
certainly unquestionable, but if OT II doesn't make you wonder, nothing
will.  OT III is just an incident, whether it happened or not is
interesting, but what's really interesting is how the standard bridge
doesn't wait until pc's discover it for themselves.  I mean if its
there, and auditing works, and its time to run it, the engram should
just take over and convulse itself out of you, like the alien lizard
baby coughing out of your gut.
     Telling people to run OT III is like telling people to run birth,
it will run when its time, I assure you.

     Before that, you will get squat and false attests.

>Well, if you do, enjoy the ride.

     Hubbard I believe was in a hurry and decided to violate the
auditor's code to push people along.  Don't think it worked very well,
but he felt he couldn't wait until everyone else found it themselves.

     Or he felt that his running of it, now made it accessible to
everyone else who wanted to run it.

     He had been trying to find THE incident that everyone should run
for a long time.  Why the auditor's code should break down at OT II and
III, I have no clue.
     Or he made it up out of whole cloth because he was a sick mother

     But if you got to OT II, it's a bit late to be worrying about
Hubbard's intentions.  I would say run it, see what happens.

     Hubbard's intentions may have been bad, but also may have none the
less been unable to interfere with the channeling of the gods through

     Anyhow there are worse incidents on the track than OT III.

     The warp core of evil still hasn't been touched, just flaunted.

     When you start getting near the core, its very tempting to become
Catholic real fast.


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