Heidrun Beer (hBeer@SGMT.AT) wrote:
>Thank you for letting us know.

>Now, how do you think about publishing private mails?

     Fuck you Heidrun.

     How fucking stupid can you get?

     You live by some stupid moral code that says publishing private
e-mail is wrong in all cases?

     Fucking tits for brains.

     It occurs to me I spent a LONG time thinking about adding you to
that list, but your 51/49 performance won you a reprieve.

     I am all for posting private mail when it exposes shameless
hypocrisy for what it is.

     People try to hide behind private mails, I make sure that doesn't

     Lot's of good honest people write me asking for advice in clearing,
and that I not post their e-mails in public.

     Almost always I oblige them, although if my response is significant
I will post the response and relevant parts of their e-mail with
identifying material removed.

     Free advice must be shared with all.

     As for assholes, they need to be exposed.

     I know many of you all just love Alan, and Urq, and LaMont etc, but
LaMont spent most of his time degrading, berating, denigrating and
belittling me both in private and in public communication.

     Just as Urq did.
     I reached for help, and all LaMont could say is "stop whining and
get over the baby shit, $2000/hour for the likes of you Homer."
     Uh ok LaMont...

     I don't forgive this behavior and I declare them fair game.
     Well LaMont is now dead because he was a dramatizing psychotic who
couldn't confront the baby shit, and drove his body into despair with
super control just as he himself described was the proper way to treat a
body as his 'thing', and I am still alive walking the edge of death
every day forging the path myself.

     And unlike LaMont who said 'your body is not your friend, your body
is your *POSSESSION* and you treat it as such and you MAKE it do what
you want it to do," my body is my friend, and we are learning to get
along with each other as co sovereign peers.
     It is mostly co murderous rage between body and thetan that kills
off the pair.

     In the end LaMont died of vanity, arrogance and conceit.

     I actually regained a lot of sanity the day I realized not one
single person on this group, nor any one I had ever met in this life nor
even Hubbard actually knew what they were doing with regard to what I
need to handle.

     When I especially stopped reaching for help to retards and self
aggrandizing and self important assholes, and stopped granting altitude
to subdeath vanity tar pits, I regained stability, stopped invalidating
myself, and started making headway for the first time in my life.

     Everyone thinks LaMont was such a wonderful guy, well from the
short time I had the sorry misfortune of knowing him, I would have to
say he wasn't a nice guy at all, down deep in his little heart of
hearts, he was mean and selfish.  And his body one day said "fuck you,
I'll show you who owns who," and dumped him.


Wed Apr 11 02:55:08 EDT 2007