Adore makes the following definitions.

      A Postulate: a posted beingness.  (AS-IS)

      A Consideration: an added significance usually of a causal relation
between two or more posted beingness.  (ALTER-IS)

      Remember color forms as a kid?  They had this black board and a
whole mess of bright vinyl color forms that you could put up on the
board and they would stick.

      Well the board is the void.

      The vinyl color forms are creations, these are postulates, posted
beingnesses, no time, no change, no significance, just IS.  You post
them to the board and they IS.

      Now on the real board the color forms would stay put once you put
them there, so this analogy breaks down at this point because in the
static void, if you post a color form, it will vanish shortly thereafter
unless you make a consideration about it.

      A consideration is an added significance relating two posted
beingnesses to each other.

      A significance is who or what created it, when it was created, why
it was created, where it was created, what it is used for, what its
purpose is, what it is, whether it is good or bad etc.

      When a thetan first puts up a color form it just IS.  It isn't
ANYTHING in particular.  He puts up a few of these, and they keep
vanishing as fast as he puts them up.  Then he does something different,
he adds significance to a couple of them.

      He says "This color form is an ashtray, and that color form is a
cigarette, and the ashtray is USED to hold the ashes that come off the
cigarette and the ashes are CAUSED by the cigarette burning which was
caused by this other color form I'm gonna call a match over here."

      There is a process in Scn that has to do with simply naming
objects.  This is because, although names can be completely arbitrary
and mean nothing, usually they signify the considerations that have been
placed on an object.

      You say "This is a car", and wham its use, purpose, history,
future, problems, concerns etc all come up to the mind.  These are the
added significances to the pure unadulterated color form that has been
labeled a car.

      By running this process for a while, pretty soon the significances
begin to as-is, and the pure color form is left behind, and pretty soon
IT begins to as-is and you get a vanishment of the image in the pc's

      Book and Bottle does this to some pc's, you say pick up the bottle,
they say "What bottle?"

      Hubbard wrote in the PABs something like the following scale.

      Native State   KNOW             Nothing created
      AS-IS          Not KNOW         Color form posted, vanishing truth
      ALTER-IS       Know About       Significance added
      ISNESS         Result           Persisting truth
      NOT-IS         Not Know About   Denial of persisting truth.
      SUB ISNESS     Wrong Know About Persisting falsehoods

      Native state isn't 'KNOW' in the sense of consciousness-of, or in
the sense of know about, it is KNOW HOW TO, able to, natively capable,
in the sense that the native quiescing God is fully capable of
exercising all of its abilities at any time although none are being
exercised at that moment.  Those abilities ARE the ability to engage in
as-is, alter-is, not-is and is.

      The state of as-isness is when the static makes its first color
form, posts its first beingness, experiences its first consciousness-of
color form.

      This color form, perceived without added significance is a
vanishing truth, because it is what IS, and it won't hang around for
long.  It's just the way things work.  This mechanism is not even
created or considered into existence, it is the basic operating mode of
the static and its first creation.

      The as-is state is called NOT KNOW because the static is no longer
in the quiescent potential state of total KNOW.  It has begun to
manifest perceivable color forms and thus to limit itself.

      The state of alter-is is when the static has a few as-is color
forms going and starts to add significances to them, what they are, what
they are used for, which causes what, why he created them.  The static
begins to KNOW ABOUT it's color forms.  All know about is created,
fabricated just as the color forms are.

      These added significances add change, and therefore time, into the
scene, thus we get 'dreamtime'.

      To the degree that the static forgets that the added significances
are created arbitrarily and to the degree that the static chooses to
BELIEVE that these significances are actually true, just to that degree
do the altered color forms begin to persist "on their own" through time.

      He's still making them but they seem to be making themselves, its a
good illusion.

      Persistence is an as-is color form altered with significance that
is considered to be TRUE.

      These significances are called persisting truths.  They are a lie
in that they are an alteration of the original as-is color forms, but
they are truth in that they are the original significances added onto
the color forms that makes them persist, so although they are not a true
as-isness, they are a true is-ness, you see?

      It is important to note that the significances added onto the color
form are arbitrarily chosen, the color form that got called an ashtray
could just have easily gotten called a hockey puck in another round of

      Thus persisting truths are 'true' only in that they are indeed the
first significance added to the object, not that they have any
fundamental rightness.

      After the static has created a persisting scene of color forms and
persisting truths added onto them, it can then engage in further

      It can either engage in denial of what it knows about, that is
pretending that it doesn't know, which is not-isness.  Or it can invent
further significances to confound the original significances put on the

      Where at first he said "This is an ashtray used to hold ashes made
by me", he later says "This is a paper weight made by Joe".

      Both not-isness and these second added significances are then
called persisting falsehoods.

      So in order to make something really persist the being needs to do
4 things called the persistence sandwich.

      1.) AS-IS,    create an as-is color form
      2.) ALTER-IS, add a persisting truth to it
      3.) NOT-IS,   deny the persisting truth
      4.) ALTER-IS  add another persisting truth which is therefore
                    a persisting falsehood.

      The being at 4.) thinks he is at 2.) and thus gets into a lot of
trouble when he tries to undo it.

      To vanish any manifesting condition of existence then, one must
bring the pc back to the original persisting truth of color form plus
added significance, then to separate these as both independent and
arbitrary creations, at which point both will become vanishing truths
and return to non manifestation.

      In theory this is true for both physical universe masses and for
mental masses in the preclear's mind.

      Remember each being has his own version of the PU, there isn't just
ONE that all share, there is a common agreement that makes them all the
same across all beings inside it, but each being has his own copy.  It
is a fantastic alter-is just to claim there is only one PU!

      It is generally accepted that we don't want to vanish physical
universe masses, violating the laws of conservation of matter and energy
would have dire consequences on the balance of the universe.

      Instantaneously removing one marble from the atmosphere of earth
would cause a collapsing atmospheric shock wave that could be felt
around the planet by any seismographic instrument.

      But it is desirable to vanish the mental masses that a pc has
accumulated over this life and many lives.

      In the physical universe we only want to find better and original
persisting truths so that we can leave the masses standing but not be so
lost about them.

      This we call science.

      In the pc we certainly want to bring the pc to a persisting truth
where the masses still stand, but we also want a full vanishing truth
where the worst of these masses disappear completely and forever.

      This we call auditing.

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