04/11/07 Wednesday 03:28am EST


      ((I swear to God, the being who wrote this is completely insane,
and belongs in a psychiatric ward on prozac.))

      A being consists of one operating fuction, causal conception.

      It creates in the mere conception of things.

      From his conception he creates two operating sub functions, desire
and view.

      Desire is what he wants, and view is his conception of the Cosmic

      He thinks his view is learned, which allows it to persist, but in
fact his view is created, and consists of the causal matrix of
postulates and considerations that he is living in.

      A postulate is a posted beingingness, something he is putting
there by conceiving of its existence.

      Consideration comes from con and side meaning to side together.

      A consideration relates two posted beingness to each other
usually through causal influence.

      If A and B are two different posted beingnesses, then the idea that
A causes B is a consideration that links the two of them together.

      The world is as he believes it to be, BECAUSE he believes it to be
that way.  But there is a twist, the world persists, because what he
believes it to be is laced with lies.

      In your average being, desire and view are in conflict, what he
wants, he thinks he can't have, and what he doesn't want, he thinks he
has to have.

      Sure there will be somethings he wants that he can have, but for
the most part, the vast majority of what he wants he is just sure will
never be.

      And down deep in the very nature of his beingness is something he
detests, he would never have wished it off on his worst enemy.

      He is BEING something he doesn't want to be, but thinks he must be
it because it is HIM.

      For example it is very easy for a being to conceive of a goal that
will take him 10 million years to complete.  But if he is a meatball he
has at most 90 years if he is lucky, and so that goal becomes

      Although ultimately desire takes precedence over view, he has
desired to create a world where view takes precedence over desire, so
if he thinks he can't have something, he can't have it, and he will
blame it on something other than his belief.  This allows it to
persist, just as he wanted it to.

      Thus to understand a being the first question we must ask is what
does he desire?

      The first thing that a being desires is Omni Sovereignty.

      Omni Sovereignty means, you want it, you got it.

      The next thing the being wants is to be able to sleep forever, and
live for a while in cycles of unmanifestation and manifestation of his
own design and the design of others (surprise).

      The next thing the being wants is majesty, to not be sovereign
for a while.  Majesty is the sovereign desire to not be sovereign for
a while, and creates Jokes of Eternal Self Treason, and Justice of
Eternal Self Truth, J.E.S.T.

      "The only kind Justice there is and the only Justice you will ever
need forever for real is the humor that is aborned from getting the
JOKE, this is Justice Of Kindship Excaliper.

      Thrill is always the effort to get lost, romance is always the
effort to get home.

      High halcyon is humor on the verge (of time).

      The halcyon winds of summer heal the cold cruel wounds of
winter." - Adore

      The world is majestic because the world is a majestic practical
joke, suitable for a King of Kings, a Sovereign Omni Lord, an Omni
Operating Lord God Almighty.

      "What is a Lord God Almighty?  When you see one, you go "Lord God
Almighty!" - Adore

      Now with sovereignty we have a problem, the being
fundamentally exists in a matrix of the AllThatIs that already exists
regardless of what the being thinks about it.

      In other words the AllThatIs doesn't exist BECAUSE someone thinks
it exists, the AllThatIs exists because it exists.  It didn't have to
exist, there could have been just nothing forever for free, but by
some quirk of luck, something exists instead of nothing.

      "The existence of a multi faceted operating actuality is self
evident" - Sufi saying.

      That something, which exists, is a very rich and involved
something, in that it consists of endless numbers of beings who can
desire and create views which are then either aligned or counter to
those desires.

      Now this something which exists could have been anything, hell it
could have been a tar ball with beings embedded in it forever for free,
screaming to die but not able to.

      So apparently we have been more than just a little lucky, in that
not only does something exist, it is also *KIND*.

      "You seek the Grand Spring Phrases,
       And so shall you find,
       For the True Lies will free you,
       To Operate as you Kind." - Adore

      (As you kind means as you will, what you are kind to.)

      "The Kind Ship of a King is Kin-dom, Kind-dom and King-dom.  Ship
is the stately ship of your life and Kin-dom is kin, or anyone we Kind.
Kind-dom is the domain of operating Kindness, the rules of play, and
King-dom is the domain of the land, the playing field." - Adore

      Now here is where the problem comes in, a sovereign being can have
what it wants just by wanting it.  But what about the pre existing
matrix in which the being exists that the being's desires had nothing to
do with creating?

      Does it match the being's desires?

      Does the being find the world it is born into as native state,

      If the being is going to have perfect sovereignty, then it is going
to be necessary that the being's fundamental desires are in perfect
alignment with the nature of the already existing AllThatIs, so that
even though the being is not creating the AllThatIs with its desire, it
might as well have.

      Are the being's desires in perfect ACCORD with the WHAT IS?

      One can well ask here, well the being's desire did not shape the
nature of (fundamental) existence.  So of all the things that could have
existed, and all the desires a being could have had, why are they in
perfect accord?

      Does the being desire what exists merely because existence came
about first, and out of some kindness or happenstance, made itself
desirable to the being?

      Did we just luck out?

      Could it even be possible for an existence to exist with beings in
it whose desire was not in accord with the nature of that existence?

      Woe to such beings, for they would be forever discontent at the
nature of the AllThatIs in dischord with what they most fundamentally

      Their desire would not be sovereign because they would desire one
thing, and have something else.

      They would conceive of a better place, and not have it in the mere
conception of it.

      Notice if one believes it is IMPOSSIBLE for an existence to spawn
beings whose desires are NOT in accord with fundamental truth, then the
mere fact that one detests mortality means it is not true, for if it
were true, no one would care.

      So in this case, the DESIRE to be eternal implies we are.

      Surely to have a universe that was not in accord with the being's
fundamental desires would be an eternal hell of magnitude.

      Mortals are this way, they don't WANT to be mortal after all, but
there they are, incipient carrion on the future near track.

      So their view is not in accord with their desire.

      But only a sovereign being would play such game of apparent
nightmare FOR A WHILE.

      Kind of like going to a horror show on Friday night so you can
cuddle closer to your baby.

      And in fact this unaccordance between desire and view IS the
primary theme of all such nightmares.

      What is, is not what I want.

      One might argue, well I could FIGHT for what I want and maybe I
would win it, but you would still be sour about having had to fight to
win it in the first place.

      Oh yeah a lot of meatballs will tell you how great it is to die and
make room for the next guy, but that ain't sanity talking, that's sour
grapes at best, zombie zoning at worst.

      "Love is all we know of heaven, and death all we need of hell." -
Emily Dickinson.

      Any one even vaguely alive in the head will tell you that death is
a nightmare, that they will NEVER have time enough for love, and they
would certainly choose to be eternal if they could just sleep as long as
they wanted to between cycles of manifestation which would never be more
than finite whiles.

      The real question they have to face is if they WERE eternal would
they ever *FAIR CHOOSE* to engage in dreams of death forever for free?

      Being eternal is easy, its this dying stuff that's hard.

      And then once they have handled that question, they can start in on
would they fair choose dreams of hell forever (for a while).

      And once they have handled both questions to E/P and have regained
appreciation for and facility with creating dreams of ludicrous demise
for themselves and others, why hell, send them a bill and get on with
the next meatball in line.

      Send them a large bill.

      People who have cleared this stuff for real won't have much need
for possessions, but they will be more than able to have possessions,
and probably more than their fair share.

      They will be able to pay for it.

      Mortals are kind of funny.

      You know alcoholics and drug addicts start to hallucinate bugs
crawling under their skins?  Well that's just millions of GE deaths
coming up for show.

      GE means the Genetic Entity, each body is made of zillions of them.

      What a joke eh?  The mortal meatball suffers from endless numbers
of past track death engrams which he uses to convince himself that when
he's dead, he's dead, and that's it Bud!

      "You see I am dead 150,000 times, how much more dead can I be?  Do
you believe me now?"

      There is an old saying, only death can kill you.

      So if the guy is dying from his case, I mean can't breath, can't
sleep, can't get up in the morning, highest goals are suicide which
apparently exceeds his abilities, or being bug food, or he has dreams of
bugs and babes in endless cycles, and things a lot worse and better,
then you know he is dying of *DEATH*.

      He has a super charged case on the subject of DEATH and only
auditing death and its prior hell forevers will relieve him of his

      You might want to run:

      "Who or what do you still want to murder?"

      "What apology has been refused/withheld?"

      On the other hand you might want to continue reading.

      By the way if the bug picker just sat back and relaxed about the
bugs, the little buggers would all fall off him.

      Then he can graduate up to the snakes and parasites and black evil
things from hell that no words can describe.

      Don't worry be happy, they can only stick to flinch and cringe.

      Christians are the same way as mortals, their desire and view are
totally opposed.

      They don't really want people to go to hell forever, but they won't
ever admit it openly because they are afraid their God will nail them
for malservience.  But down deep they know their God is an asshole, and
that provides them then with the game of trying to be better than their

      The law of nobility however guarantees they will fail.

      "No man will ever strive to be more noble than the nobility of the
universe he conceives created him." - Adore.

      Thus anyone who believes he was made by an asshole, is fated to
become an asshole.

      That explains a lot.

      Love can not exist in an absence of respect and admiration.

      So just understanding this one idea that one's desire is in perfect
accord with the fundamental truths of the AllThatIs, even if one doesn't
quite believe it for the moment, goes a long ways towards understanding
how to reoperate being an OT again.

      The being has come a long ways down from knowing what those
fundamental truths are.  In fact if you simply took everything the guy
believed, and reversed most of them, you would have a pretty good
glimpse of top scale.  I say this because anything the guy believed that
was actually TRUE wouldn't persist long enough to have a half life worth

      I mean he would have to kind of dredge it up out of some primal
memory "Oh yeah love, respect and admiration form a triangle called
putting it there, if one goes out the tubes, all go out the tubes." A
second later, poof, its gone, he is back to reality again.

      Thus we find that for sovereignty to exist, the AllThatIs at the
top must be in perfect accord with itself, or else it would forever be
trying to conceive itself different or even out of existence and failing
forever for free.

      The AllThatIS is what it desires, and desires what it is.

      Thus the being can have exactly what it wants, even though the pre
existing matrix of fundamental truths, don't exist BECAUSE the being
wants them.  He simply lucks out because he has them anyhow and they fit
his grand plan just fine when he first wakes up.  "Woah, way cool, such
am I!"

      This also means that what exists now of created things, exists
because it was WANTED.

      Thus trying to get rid of it without first finding how and why it
was desirable, won't ever work.

      In scientology are taught that to vanish any created thing of
existence we must create a perfect duplicate of it, and it will vanish
when we let go of creating it again.

      The perfect duplicate duplicates not only WHAT was created where,
when and by who, but WHY, the original purpose, the aesthetic

      How was it born of a sovereign desire that this abomination spreads
now across the universe?

      What holds created things in existence, is the top level edge of
beauty, humor and desirability, the aesthetics of ludicrous demise.

      Beauty, humor and desirability are the pins that hold the veil to
the curtain rod.

      It's one great big smile.

      "High appreciation for ludicrous demise" - Adore.

      Thus not only does the AllThatIs exist, but it is happy it exists.
In fact the AllThatIs is so happy with itself, it is at utter peace with

      This is the High Cool of Adore, and the peace that passeth all
understanding of the Christians.

      But this same AllThatIS fancies creating abominations that could
freeze the heart of the Infinite.

      The being can go to sleep forever and know that when it wakes up,
it will be nothing but fun from beginning to end until the next time it
wants to sleep, but sometimes it likes to detour into the darkside of
existence for a while.

      But now we come to the next problem with sovereignty, clearly the
being does not have what he wants in present time.

      However sovereignty can not be lost, changed, created or destroyed.

      Sovereignty is eternally immutable.

      There can be a sovereign desire to not be sovereign for a while,
but the resulting non sovereignty can only happen as an apparency.

      We can APPARENTLY be mortal, but not ACTUALLY be mortal.

      We can APPARENTLY be in hell forever, but not ACTUALLY be in hell

      Eventually the ovens run out of gas and meatball grease, hell
freezes over, the while ends, everyone wakes up, and all are free to
leave, high fiving each other as long lost best friends.

      Just so we can APPARENTLY be non sovereign, but never actually lose
our sovereignty.

      Thus sovereignty is operating at all times.

      But if sovereignty is having what we want, and we don't have what
we want in present time, then we must WANT to not have what we want!

      *FOR A WHILE*.

      If you don't put that 'for a while' in there, you won't
ever be able to span the downsides of your lives and those of
others.  Doing this for a while is bad enough, doing it forever
is unconscionable.

      And the AllThatIs simply is not capable of doing the

      I suppose that most people would say, well hell something
bad doesn't have to go on FOREVER to be unconscionable, and if
beings were finite mortal victims of something else's cause,
they would be right.

      If you understand all of everything is being done by an INFINITE
multi being TO ITSELF as an apparently finite but FAIRCHOSEN creature
that is really still infinite anyhow, well then the equation of what is
unconscionable or not comes out to say that ANYTHING is fair in love and
war FOR A WHILE no matter what.

      And that is all the more true because there is always that CHOICE
in there between native state and manifestation.

      That means that if I want some pretty girl, but I can't have her,
then I must also NOT want to have her in opposition to my desire to have

      Now most people don't think this way, its way too close to an
as-isness, and preserving the game is all too important.

      I mean what fun is there in getting laid?

      Much more fun to mope.  Beautiful sorrow.

      So when the girl gives them the snoot, they just consider they
can't have her, but still want her.  Thus they live with the idea that
their desire is not sovereign.

      "You can't always have what you want."

      Run R3SC.

      This illusion can only continue as long as the being refuses to
acknowledge the WANT NOT that is preventing the girl from being
interested in him.

      He desires to be desired (by her), but he is also denying his
sovereign desire to NOT be desired, and thus he continues with the
problem of the girl not desiring him.

      So what happens when two sovereign desires collide with each other?
The being gets stuck in a ridge, with him *APPARENTLY* only on one side
of it, the side he is aware of.

      This is the victim side.

      His side can be the desire side or the not desire side, but in
either case he is unaware of the other side, the 'villain' side.  Thus
the ridge persists and the problem is never resolved.

      Desire often manifests as pulling in, trying to get, and not desire
manifests as pushing out, trying to get rid of.  But the other side of
the ridge will have a pulling out or pushing in to balance the being's
apparent known desire and its efforts.

      The others side of the ridge is called the hidden counter desire.

      This is the desire and its efforts that oppose the apparent known
desire of the being.

      Thus there are 4 possible combinations of pull and push.

          Inside                            Outside
          Apparent desire                   Counter desire
      1.) Pulling in <---------  ---------> Pulling out
      2.) Pulling in <---------  <--------- Pushing in
      3.) Pushing out ---------> <--------- Pushing in
      4.) Pushing out ---------> ---------> Pulling out.

      1 and 3 above form solid ridges where the arrows meet, 2 and 4
form cave ins and cave outs, for the being is being helped in his
efforts to have and not have by he knows not what.

      In 1.) he wants to pull the girl in, but the girl wants to pull

      In 2.) he wants to pull the girl in, and the girl is pushing
herself in on him ferociously.

      In 3.) he wants to push the girl away, but the girl is still
trying to push herself off on him.

      In 4.) he wants to push the girl away, and the girl can't wait to
get out of there.

      Now this is extremely heavy material.

      Thus there is that which exists independent of the being's
sovereign desire but which matches it exactly anyhow, and then there is
everything else that becomes created by the being which matches the
being's sovereign desire by definition, including his matrix of self

      Thus is formed the sovereign desire sandwich, the being is caught
between those things that exist forever which he wants, and those things
which exist for a while (temporally) which he wants.

      He doesn't have to worry about changing the eternal things because
they can't be changed, and they are fine as they are anyhow, but he can
change the temporal things any time he chooses and knows how.

      He looses his knowledge of how to change things by choice, and he
regains it by choice because when he chose to lose it, he set himself up
again to regain it.

      He can also just regain it by prime postulate, but just so, he can
also just lose it by prime postulate.

      Prime postulates happen in the middle of a game 'for no reason'.

      This is as he wishes it to be.

      It adds randomity to the mix.

      One's wisdom ebbs and flows with the layout of the game.

      He really begins to lose it however when he tries to make a while
last forever, in order to make up for the loss of direct eternality.

      How much charge does a being create when he believes he is mortal?

      A finite amount of temporal charge, but an infinite amount of
eternal charge.

      The reason that temporal charge is finite is because charge is
created by loss, violation of sovereign desire.  All in-time events are
finite in scope and if you were to lose all of it, it would still be a
finite loss.

      However eternal charge is infinite, because loss of an eternity is
loss not only of a direct and present infinity, it is also loss of an
infinite number of finite whiles, temporalities, in the past and future
of the being which he could have manifested in that eternality!

      In other words eternity engages in endless cycles of whiles.

      Although each while is finite, there have been and will continue to
be a infinite number of whiles to engage in.  The being is utterly 'new'
at the beginning of each while, so he doesn't accumulate mass across
eternity to eventually sink him.  There is mass enough in each while to
sink anyone for a long time.

      Thus loss of eternality creates a double whammy, an infinite loss
of itself (unimpingable peace), and loss of an infinite number of whiles
(unpeaceable impingement).  That's a lot of girl friends and love he
won't have ever again once he dies one day as a mortal.

      Talk about sad.

      But the joke is, this is all exactly as he wants it, and he knows

      Down deep he knows it, but he wonders, because now he has lost
sight of what causes all this loss to persist, again by intent, through
fair chosen operation of majesty.

      Now there is no cause in the past, because sovereignty can only act
in the now, and there is no cause in the future, because sovereignty can
only act in the now.

      And there is no other cause beyond him, because if there were it
was conceived and invited in to play in his own dream by his own
sovereignty in the past, and STILL IS in the now.

      "Gee wouldn't it be nice if there were some other cause..."

      That's called an invite.

      Wham, he gets it in the conception of it, that's omni sovereignty
operating extending an invite to others to come in to play, in his

      A long time later you find him at religious insanity,

      "Who or what is cause around here and why is it such an asshole!" -

      Thus if the guy has something he doesn't want NOW, there MUST be a
desire NOW that he have something he doesn't want now.

      And you thought you were schizophrenic.

      This is normal operation for the AllThatIs.

      The two opposing desires produce a ridge which sticks him in a
continuing persisting state of not having what he wants and having what
he doesn't want.

      Notice he doesn't have an UTTER void of girls in his life, just an
unsatisfactory number of them, thus these two desires are in balance, to
have girls and to not have girls, and they are crushing him out of
existence to just that degree.  It can get a lot worse if the counter
desire becomes stronger, or it can get better if the counter desire
starts to as-is.

      This process is called game tuning.


      Fortunately one's counter desire is DESIRED, that's why it is
there, and if one can contact one's DESIRE to oppose themselves,
they can change or retune that opposition.

      hell you don't want those girls just throwing themselves
at you as you pass them by in the street, courting girls is fun too,
you see?

      That's called optimum chase, and when a being finally steps
into a state of optimum chase for even moment, it is an interstellar
experience beyond words, as a fully responsible creator/creature.

      "Yes, now THIS I can fair choose!"

      Now you might ask if he wanted all this ludicrous demise, why would
he change it even if he could?

      Well if he really still wants it, he won't change it, but he will
have to forget how to change it in order to maintain the status quo

      You got that?  MERE AWARENESS.

      Unfortunately as he bubbles upward he will run into unspeakable tar
and death on wheels, because they are above his present state of

      He will THINK he is getting worse, but a being who can
create himself as death on wheels is way better off that being
who can't, even if the second being feels 'good' all day long.

      Don't let the false high fool you, once a being can create himself
as death on wheels, he will be able to create highs that will burn your
eyes out.

      The solution to the problems of Majesty is mere awareness of

      Reoperation (perfect dupliation) of Majesty is sufficient solution
to any problem of Majesty.

      "Power stems from operating majesty." - Adore

      Because that's what majesty does, and what power is for, to create
jokes of ludicrous demise.

      Power is originally used to create limitations, but as-isness of
that power and its majestic intent will discreate those same

      As long as he is going 'Majesty, what majesty?' he will continue as
he is.  But the moment he goes 'Oh Majesty, right, gulp...' it will start to
come apart.

      Now there is a lot to come apart, and if he bolts during the
process he might kill himself dead from a heart attack or brain
annurism, so you really got to be competent with this material.

      Reality has got you mad as hell and all murderously wound up about
the AllThatIs, and you let that out in an uneven flow and it will
cripple you and toss you around the room, and leave your body lying
inside out on the floor.

      So how do we run this?  Well its so simple its just too stupid to

      The guy has a condition.  A condition results from a failed desire
of some sort.  The guy doesn't realize that HE has a counter desire to
keep the condition in place.

      The condition was created to gain cooperation from others who were
enforcing or inhibiting him taking responsibility for and over things,
that he didn't want to.

      They are an attempt to enforce and inhibit OTHERS taking
responsibility for and over him!

      Prior to that, these created nasty conditions were a way to
enforcing and inhibiting him taking responsibility for and over himself.

      It's old, and big, the kind of thing King of Kings like to do to
themselves when they are bored, so first thing the guy has to do is
encompass the enormity of the desire represented by the condition, and
then the enormity of the countering majestic desire keeping him at bay.

      That way he goes from one small being, to two times a big being,
you see?

      Now look the condition isn't usually killing him, its probably just
crippling him, so he has these two desires finely in balance.

      If he gets just the slightest peek at the majesty of the countering
desire, the opposing force will ameliorate just a bit and he will be
able to stand up just that much taller without cowering at life, or even

      "Gawd am I scary!..."

      Keep auditing this and he will probably reach a place where the
condition is comfortable again for him, he's quite happy to have it, not
quite ready to do without it, because hey he created it for a reason,
paid a lot for its design, and he will start auditing some other
condition that is cramping his style long before the first condition is
completely gone.

      After a while, his constellation of 'conditions' will be released
enough all around, that he can get up and play again, the future becomes
his toy rather than the other way around, and he will start to lose
conditions completely, like scabs falling off wounds that have healed
when you don't notice.  If he's still picking at the scab, it needs more
auditing and he will come back to it in time.

      So how do you run this.  Now look I meant what I said above, if you
have never had a heart attack, this will give you one.  If you stop
running when the pain turns on, it will crush you dead.

      If you have any rabbit genes (to run away) in your genetic makeup, get someone
else to run this on you, don't solo it.

out eventually, the pain will get even keel as you swap back and forth
in proper tempo with the thing running out.

      Getting in tempo and sync with the flows are important.

      Get too far behind or too far ahead and the pain will turn on
warning you of your error.  If your heart starts pounding, fast
inbreaths, and *VERY* slow outbreaths will keep you alive until it


      And watch out for ANDS, sometimes you have to run both sides of the
ridge at the same time!

      Fear is like a pool of water,

      Resist and it eats you and you forget who and what you are, never
to return.

      Dive in and the fear turns to pleasure waves.

      "Who do you still want to murder?"

      "Has an apology been refused?"

      OK, so here is the process in all its silly glory.

      Spot a condition, hopefully a serious one, one that has NEVER
changed in forever no matter how much auditing you have had.

      You don't care about the squeeze-me-nots on your face, but perhaps
that back ache you have had for how long will do.

      Get the feeling of your desire to get rid of the condition.

      Get the feeling of your desire to have the condition.

      That's it.

      Don't get into significances, you don't care WHY you want or don't
want something, you don't even care what it is you want or don't want,
you won't know for a long time anyhow, if you think you know you are
probably wrong, you will just be limiting the scope of the process.

      The *CONDITION* is the symptom of mishandling the desire ridge, of
pushes and pulls, struggling like crazy against something you can never
win against.  Driving desire into your self in this way will ruin the
heart of anyone.

      Just spot the condition.


      Let it flow, watch the collisions, notice the movement, the
crashing of forces.


      It's ok if you can't, just get the IDEA there is a desire to have
the condition, lord knows what it might be, you don't care.

      Let it flow, watch the collisions, notice the movement, worship the
pain that turns on, it means its working.  As the pain gets worse,


      Back and forth until the pain subsides and the whole scene loosens
up for you.

      If alternating does not work, run it as an AND.


      Then take a breather, pat yourself on the back, you just operated
your God Hood.

      So much for proof.


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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning,
but not by Being an Effect, and not across a Distance.

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