Hubbard said that there was theta the problem creator, and theta
the problem solver.

     Adore says there is the game creator and the game player.

     Author and Character.

     Creator and Creature.

     God and Soul.

     The primary opposition of desire then is between the desire of the
game creator to extend the game, and the desire of the player to win the

     Justice is that we get what we postulate.

     That would be a best of all possible worlds, wouldn't it?

     If any justice exists at all then, of course justice reigns at all
times, for the first thing we would have postulated is that it do so.

     Thus one can surmise that we want what we have, and we have what we
want, and we have it exactly and only because we want it.

     The question is which one of us wants it, the game creator or the
game player?

     For those lost in the valley of the shadow of death, this can be a
hard question, for life certainly does not look desirable even as a game
we would have created for ourselves.

     No one in their right mind would create themselves and their loved
ones as human in this meat grinder of a universe.

     Naivety is thinking they would.  :)

     Life boggles our sense of could, would and should.

     This is overwhelm, overwhelm of our sense of artistic motivation
for the creation of ourselves as creature and the context we live in, we
can't create ourselves big enough as creatures to consider that we were
or are creators over our own game.

     "Who me?  Not I, Sir!  I certainly did not create or even agree to
this game, I am still seeking a place to hide from it!

     Thus the creator has created something for itself that exceeds
itself as a creature.

     However all of life is God in carnation, thus it can be no other

     Thus the creature spends its whole life seeking for who or what
created him, and to chew a bone with it, asking why is it such an
asshole.  when in truth God is to be found under your own pillow.
utterly and absolutely where you already are and always will be, here

     Doubt in this leads to resentment, faith in this Creator/Creature
relationship should lead to acceptance which leads to vanishment.

     Thus recovering for the being that he is playing HIS game, and that
he can call time outs on it periodically to adjust the laws of play,
goes a long ways to making a well and happy being.

     No longer human perhaps, for who would call a resentment free
being, human, but recognizable none the less as something to make and be
friends with, in yourself and in others.

     The creature doesn't mind playing other people's games too, but
only by HIS choice, and if he gets too impressed with someone else's
game he will want to out do it himself in return favor.

     Thus games and trade in games have gotten quite involved, and the
competition as to who can make the roughest, toughest, longest lasting
game is in the semi finals.

     The games we lose quickly are no fun, the games we win easily are
no fun either.  The games that are the most fun are the games that put a
load on our motor and keep it there.

     The fun is in the chase, the quality of that dance from conception
to attainment called time and the effort to win that flows through it.

     Caught between the desire for greatness and seriousness, the being
dances as if on the ball floor of hell, dodging the gauntlet of fire to
win whatever bauble he envisions is worth the danger of failure and

     The only mercy is that if he is defeated utterly, and I do mean
*UTTERLY*, he wakes up to Eternal Omni Awesome Peace again as if the
whole thing never happened.

     He designed it this way as his backup out should he never win at
anything ever again.

     Thus although the player pretends he wants to win, down deep he
knows the glory is in the play.

     In the ideal game, he will play forever and then win at the end
just before his energy runs out :)

     Much art only exists where there is form in motion, and thus time,
and time only exists where there is separation between conception and

     Thus the hardest games are the games of long duration, because they
were and are the most fun, but many of them may be forgotten by now, as
they went on 'too long'.

     No they didn't, he's just saying that to keep them going.

     If he didn't complain about the game, they might all vanish on him
and everyone else too.

     Thus your preclear may be found to be in a state of trying to
continue a game by resisting it, not playing it fully, or trying to win
a game by losing it.

     These inversions need to be handled so the preclear can come back
to orientation about what game it is he really wants to play and what
game he is, and has been, playing anyhow born of high appreciation for
ludicrous demise.

     Every thing else will handle itself once the vectors of game play
are reoriented towards action and ability and willingness, nay
eagerness, to be here.

     Get the idea of Eternal Eagerness.

     That games of seriousness and greatness run on courage does not in
any way change any of the above.


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