All life forms are God in carnation.

     When we say that God created life, we don't mean that God created
LIFE, because God is living consciousness itself, we mean that God
created all the life forms in which he has instantiated himself.

     Thus a body is a life form, it is like a Bozo suit that God made
for himself to wear at a Bozo party so he could play with all the
other God units in Bozo suits at the same Bozo party.

     Thus 'we are all Bozos on this bus' - Firesign Theater

     Thus to know God is to know Self, for God is the naked Self
without the Bozo suit.

     The AllThatIs is one great big conscious entity.  It is not made
of matter, energy, space or time, these are but dream clouds in its
dark night of the soul.

     God however is not the great I AM.  God is the great WE ARE.
     God is like the hydra, it is multi headed, multi I AM.

     Each head of the hydra is a conscious I AM with a semi
independent will.

     God never was a single being.

     The AllThatIs may be a single THING, but that thing is a multi

     God-ness then is all these heads working in unison via their
interconnection at Source.

     Periodically groups of these I AM units get together and through
co resonance of desire, and unanimous decision, decide to form a space
time game stream in a format called a 'WHILE'.

     A while is a finite strech of spacetime, a canvas if you will,
for the artist to paint his creation.

     Thus anything which can be created in a while can only exist for
a while.

     Ex temporal eternity (out side of time) is a state of
unfathomably deep and unimpingeable sleep.

     Nothing exists forever (outside of spacetime) except people and

     Thus all heavens and hells, which are created things and thus
must exist in a while, can only exist for a while.

     "There is peace in the thought that one day all men will attain
the awakened state." - Sufi

     Whiles are bubble like dream manifestations of spacetime in the
void of Eternity and are made of conscious light glowing in the body
of God itself.

     Thus nothing is made or destroyed in the creation of a while, the
self luminous lights of conscious dreamtime are merely turned on or
off, like the glow in the dark skin of a luminescent chamelion.

     Spacetime is dreamtime is spacetime is dreamtime.

     Consciousness is not chemistry bubbling away at 98.6, chemistry
is consciousness in carnation, chemistry is the Bozo suit.

     Because whiles can only last for a while, all creations that try
to get things to exist or not exist FOREVER violate that while and the
sovereign desire of the beings who created the while.

     These violations are themselves sovereign fair chosen creations
of those same beings who created the while, and who thus engage in
such violations with full awareness of the intended consequences.
including forgetfulness of fair chosen sovereignty.

     The primary consequence of violating a while is ending up in hell
for as long as the violation remains in the being's conception.

     Hell's are mostly created by beings wishing separation off on
themselves and others forever.  This is like one head of a hydra
wishing eternal separation from one of the other heads.

     Good luck.

     Thus hell's are mostly made of everyone we wouldn't want to be in
heaven with *FOREVER*.

     Imagine being in heaven and glowering at someone.  
     That's a hell for *YOU*.

     Each glower line creates another hell for you.

     Now these glower lines are serious, they are a desire for
permanent separation between two God units.  They are caused when one
being wishes permanent death forever or hell forever off on another
being, or permanent harm, or even permanent good.

     Permanent ANYTHING (in time) creates violations of the sovereign
while and end a being up in the condition he is most concerned with,
usually the very condition he is wishing off on others.  He has to
conceive and create it to cause it to another, and thus there he is
with it.

     Thus one fast way to create a hell forever for youself is to wish
a permanent death, hell or heaven off on someone you hate or love.

     Believe it or not, even a heaven forever in time will eventually
become detested.

     It is the FOREVER that damns you, but only as long as you hold
onto the forever.  Anything is ok a long as it is only for a while.

     "This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are all
holding hands again."

     Since each being is an instantiation of God in carnation, these
mis relationships between various instantiations of God provide for
fruitful auditing (investigation during session).

     The search for God then becomes simply and only the search for
oneself, as one IS that God one is searching for, along with everyone

     God can not remain at odds with itself forever, only for a while,
because once the while ends, all that obtains is people and peace

     A God unit can not sleep as long as he is still grumbling at
another God unit, thus the way is paved clear as to what to handle to
return a being back to his Eternal Home.


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