We define native state as utter non manifestation and unimpingeable

     That means only you wake you up.

     Native state has been called the Static, the Void, Source, and the
Big Snooze by various religions.

     The primary function of the static is to create the apparancy of
cause in kinetics in spacetime whiles.

     Time is the interjection of chase between conception and

     This too has to be conceived to be functional.
     The static is about cause.

     Cause in the physical universe is force applied to mass brings
about changes in kinetic states.

     Kinetic states are states of mass in motion at positions of space
and time.

     Spacetime whiles are holographic projections of space and time in
the zero dimensional substrate called consciousness, in which the
apparances of kinetics can play out their course.

     This is the form of manifestation and is engaged in for the
purpose of fun.

     Fun is the other side of the coin to peace.

     Because the static is cause, in order to get kinetics to persist in
the eyes of its beholders, static must confuse the subject of cause by
casting apparent cause out into the kinetic.

     Thus those in the world of kinetics consider that cause is all
around them, outside of them, coming from others, other places, other
things, other times.  This cause consists entirely of force, causing
changes in motion and energy in masses.

     Since OUT THERE is itself a holographic illusion, so is any cause
that is presumed to be OUT THERE.

     From the static's point of view two electrons repel each other
because the static moves them apart.  Static is cause and electrons are
both the effect of the static.  There is no cause BETWEEN the electrons,
and electrons have no cause over each other.

     From the kinetic's point of view the two electrons push each other
apart because, both are cause over each other, and thus both are also
effect of each other.

     Thus the static casts (apparent) cause out into its kinetic
creations, all the while (actually) maintaining cause itself.

     This is called causal orchestration from above.

     The static is thus acting as a third party to all of kinetic
existence, making two kinetic events happen as if they caused each other
without outside influence.

     Since the static adds a level of complexity to the causal structure
that makes things go in the world of kinetics, Occam's Razor tells us
not to consider it.  
     Occam tells us that cause in the kinetic world is sufficient to
explain changes in the kinetic world, and thus no one considers the
static while in the kinetic world.

     This is necessary to keep the true source of cause confused and
thus the kinetic world persisting.
     Since the kinetic world is a virtual rendition in consciousness of
spacetime objects and the cause between them, not considering the static
works until one starts to ask where the rendition and consciousness
comes from.

     Although consciousness is conscious OF kinetics, consciousness
itself is static.  Perception of this is called enlightenment.

     However the only way to assign cause to other things in the kinetic
world, is to ALSO assign oneself (a static) as an effect, while walking
in the kinetic world.

     Thus one can be impinged upon.

     An impingement is an expected or unexpected causal wave coming in
to us, apparently without our intention, that changes our state directly
or forces us to change our own state to compensate.

     In the kinetic world, desire is separated from accomplishment by
time, during which is a dance of effort designed to bring out the
desired state.

     The dance of effort is computed from what we know about the rules
of the game, the laws of the universe, and what exactly it is we want.


     In the kinetic world, you can't just light a fire by wanting it any
more, thus one has to DO various specific things to bring the fire

     If you fail to bring the fire about in a timely manner, then you
lose the game of survival.

     The kinetic world is mostly a game of survival, a game of anti
entropy against an ever spreading sea of entropy.

     Entropy is unuseful energy, that eventually renders the entire
universe diffuse and constant in all directions.

     The sun is a huge momentary concentrated source of anti entropy,
and as it radiates out into spacetime, it too heads in the direction of
final dispersement.

     However while on their way to the abyss, some of the rays of the
sun hit the Earth, and are gathered into useful pools of anti entropy
called plants and animals.  And thus life and civilization goes on,
trying to keep the light of life alive as long as possible.

     That is the game of survival.
     Certain kinds of anti entropy are quite capable of collecting and
concentrating other energy, (which would otherwise head out into the
void,) into greater pools of useful energy than itself, thus for a while,
the game of survival is afoot, through profit and affluence of margin
against failure.

     We call this process and the margin it creates civilization.

     Impingements of importance then are between sources of entropy and
anti entropy.

     You have a silo full of corn (anti entropy) and it gets hit by
lightning burning it to the ground (entropy).  Your hard won anti
entropy is now useless.

     To deal with these impingements your game of survival demands that
you impinge back on the universe and build a better and stronger silo.

     Thus the game of survival is a game of impingement and counter

     Some impingements are pro survival, you get a good rain storm and
things grow.

     Some impingements are contra survival, you get too much rain and
everything rots.

     Or you have too little rain, and everything dies.  That's a lack of
needed impingement!

     Thus, as in all games, there is too much impingement and too little
impingement both of which are contra survival.

     Optimum randomity is optimum impingement.

     A motivator is a moment of non optimum impingement, too much or too

     An overt is also a moment of non optimum impingement on your part
against something else, too much or too little, either accidental or

     The effort to survive then is directed at optimizing impingement so
there is not too much nor too little.

     Too little rain can be optimized by irrigation, you don't get
impinged upon enough by the rain, so you impinge back and move a river
to run through your land, or you build water storage tanks to hold
excess rain for times of less.

     Impingement and counter impingement is the game of life directed at
bringing about a continuing optimum impingement all around.

     So the sun impinges on the Earth and pushes plants into existence.

     Animals, acting like a slow fire to plants, impinge on the plants
by eating them, converting their stored energy into motion, namely sow
and reap cycles of more plants.  This is the process of consumption and

     As long as the sun continues to impinge calmly on the Earth, and as
long as plants grow and animals tend to their plants properly and
produce more than they consume and don't pollute their own living
spaces, or war with each other unnecessarily or without class, this game
can go on for a very long time indeed.

     Such an ideal scene produces ample free time to do some great art.

     In the end life itself is art in motion, and what gets painted or
written as music and art are probably just expressions of life, stories
told of glories past, present and future, that are not immediately
useful to the body maybe, but are certainly useful to the heart, mind
and soul.

     If only as inspiration to keep the game going when the going gets

     The basic impingement is the first creation of conscious light in
the body of the static, the awakening of dreamtime.

     'I AM and I KNOW IT!'

     The second impingement is a voice coming out of void
saying 'Prove it!

     But then dreamtime is itself a tapestry of stories told of
impingement, designed to confuse the original and only source of true
impingement which is the static itself.

     When a person complains about the world or some condition, he is
complaining about some part of that tapestry of impingement.

     A psychosomatic condition is an impingement, originally wanted, but
possibly no longer useful.  Reevaluation of salient truths surrounding
that condition will lead to recovered and better control over it.

     The being will respond to too many impingements by creating
MORE impingements that somehow get him out of the target range of the
the first set that are getting him down.

     A somatic is state of being victimized in order to not be
victimized by something else.

     One audits being victimized in tandem with victimizing, either
accidentally or intentionally, on all flows, to relieve the burden of
both to all parties involved.

     One needs to concentrate on the BENEFITS of victimization before
they will fully release.

     Problems within one's self, indecisions, self doubts, oscillations,
equivocations, two desires opposed, are all a form of inner impingement
against oneself.  Two sides of one's self impinging against the other,
"NO!", "YES!", "NO WAY!", "Yes WAY!".

     By maintaining awareness of the true source of impingement and how
it works, one can rewrite how impingement works in your life and in the
life of the AllThatIs.

     This results in reoptimizing the games of life, and maximizing the
fun of being here and lost as hell.

     This is what auditing is about.

     "Who or what is cause around here and why is it such an asshole?"

     From Adore.


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