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     Scientology has the ARC triangle, Affinity, Reality and

     Adore has a similar triad:

     Clear Harmony, Accord and Co-Communication.


     Co-communication is pretty obvious, no need to spend much time on

     It spans both the outward communications of beings to each other
through the illusory mechanisms of dreamtime, body chatter, light,
radio, MEST force etc, and also the inward connectedness of us all at
Source that allows us to dream the same dream in the first place and
to know that each other exists with certainty.


     Clear Harmony is a bit harder to understand unless you have
experienced it but essentially it means that the fabric of clear space
and time is beautiful in and of itself independent of any particular
shape or form put in it.

     Thus the canvas is the highest art, and everything else painted
on it is a striving to match the quality of the canvas.

     The canvas sets the bar.

     Competition then is how close we can match the quality of the
canvas with the art we put on the canvas, namely created things in
space and time.

     Adore echos this in its sentiments that pride comes first and
product second because the quality of the product will never match the
quality of the live high pride that gave birth to it.

     Thus those that take their pride from their power (products,
ability) are engaging in a dwindling spiral because power, ability and
accomplishments don't cause pride, pride causes power!

     "The pride drawn from power is never as great as the pride it
took to pride the power into existence in the first place."

     Where as those that conceive the pride first and try to fashion
it into their product will continue to produce quality products all
the while knowing its a game that can not be won, the game of
manifesting pride as magnificence.

     The product will never match the pride that gave birth to it.

     Pride is the canvas that sets the bar, and product is whatever
created art we put on the canvas, ie into manifestation and dreamtime

     "You are an adorable operating pride source.

     There is nothing higher or better than pride, except perhaps
Eternal Omni Awesome Peace.

     Pride is living majestic intelligence.

     Magnificence is pride's glory child and reason why to worship.

     One does not worship the creator.

     One idolizes the creator.

     One worships the creature.

     Watch it, Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

     The world is an operating system of Master and Apprehentice.

     The Master worships the pig in the pen until one day the pig is
better than He.

     Pride is agent.

     Pride is all you ever wanted to have faith in, faith in pride.

     Faith in pride is the only magic.

     Certainty in pride the only wisdom.

     Operating pride the only workability.

     Conceit is pride in the certainty that pride is finite.

     Arrogance is pride in the certainty that pride is powerless.

     Vanity is infinite operating pride wasting away from arrogance
and conceit.

     Do not then call upon the Lord's Name in vain.

     In vain means for naught.

     Do not call upon the power of pride for naught.

     ... There is one more terror, Eternal Shame is the error,
     There is only one blame: The Eternal Name is not Shame.

     Finite operating pride is humiliation.

     Infinite operating pride is humility.

     Sourcers source sourcery from Source by casting pride before

     The only fall of the Gods was Pride.

     They were proud of their power,

     They took pride from their power.

     Why take pride from power?

     Power doesn't cause pride.

     Pride causes power.

     No Pride causes No Power.

     Anti Pride cause Anti Power.

     Pride is source of majesty, intelligence and all ability.

     Pride is vision of potential because pride is source of

     They never told you that one.

     Pride is intention towards operating craftsmanship of class.

     Pegasus had wings of Pride, Eternal Omni Pride.

     She awaits her High Flyers.

     The Gods should fly their high horses again,

     only this time,

     Do it right." - Adore


     This brings us to accord, which is the subject of this paper.

     Accord is perfect co resonance between desire and the what is.

     You can't find perfect peace if you are still grumbling about the
what is, nor can you attain unimpingable sleep if you are still
fitful about what has been or might be.

     It is possible that the soul could fall asleep at the top knowing
that the AllThatIs wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, or that it
was missing some ability or sport that the soul desired.

     This might lead to shorter games as the soul woke up thinking,
'Ah hell not this place again, oh OK, let's go have a game and get it
done with as quickly as possible, so's we can go back to sleep again.'

     This fact that there is indeed PERFECT resonance between the
sum totality of the soul's desire and the what is at the top, and the
soul knows it, not only leads to infinitely sound sleep, but also to
very very long games.

     There is no desire at all to make them short and sweet.  for the
very fabric of games is love, admiration, magnificence and respect.

     In fact the soul can't leave home for long enough, every game
ends before its time, "Rats!, lost another one to as-isness!".

     And if you think death is a sad good-bye, death is but an echo of
the sadness of losing the game at the end of time, for we will never
pass this way again.

     Every manifestation is precious and unique.

     It's classy tears though, tears of love and joy, we cry, laugh
and giggle our way into eternal sleep along with everyone else who was
part of the game with us.

     Our last awareness is a spark of humor and pride that is beyond
words, surpassed only by the sleep of Eternal Omni Awesome Peace.

     Now look, accord is basically agreement.

     It's yeah, I like the way it is, and even if I didn't make this
thing myself, I would have if I could have, so everything is cool.

     This is the High Cool of Adore, the Sovereign movement in and out
of manifestation of an Omni Operating Lord God Almighty, you.

     This thing moves into and out of the state of peace with
unimaginable power and intent.

     Nothing gets in its way.



     If it wants to manifest, it *WILL* manifest.

     Feel the absolute power of unimpeded and unimpedable intent.

     It has no problems *AT ALL* with the AllThatIs or how things are.

     It is so far beyond being pleased with itself, and about how things
are that it just considers everything to be it's sovereign natural

     "Why should I be grateful if I am the greatest?  I AM the greatest,
so shouldn't I be the greatest!?"

     You see, justice just IS to this being, it couldn't have been any
other way.

     Who or what are you going to thank?

     Your lucky stars?

     You haven't made them yet.

     Get the idea of gratefulness,

     Now get the idea of omni sovereign High Cool.

     You see, not even in the same ball park.

     So what this thing created, it created, it knew what it was doing,
it didn't have to LEARN how to create, its unculpable expertise is built

     Hey that is just part of being the greatest, right?

     But notice that the minute it creates something, anything, it has
limited itself.  Once it puts an apple at point A, well the whole
universe now HAS to grow around that apple being at point A.

     What were infinite options, suddenly become quite finite.

     So from that point on it can have a game of not knowing, of making
mistakes, of learning and becoming 'more skilled' if it wants to.

     It just doesn't need to learn how to do this, the creation of games
is innate.

     There can be no other cause or surprises in a game unless the being
himself conceives of it, and then it becomes so in the conception of it,

     So a being can be totally responsible for his and everyone else's
condition and yet possibly not have a clue how anything got there.

     This is how and why as-isness works.

     The being conceives of something and suddenly he is THERE.  He can
add in the conception that he no longer is aware that it is there
BECAUSE he conceived of it!

     He has done a consideration/observation flip flop on it.

     He started off considerating it, and a moment later he is observing
it with no observation or consideration that it is there BECAUSE he
considered it first.

     But when he duplicates that moment of creation, he reconsiders the
event all over again, and this time he holds onto his awareness that he
is conceiving of the event and that is why it is there, and thus he
undoes the consideration observation flip flop, he flops back to knowing
his conception is cause over observation of event, and thus when he
let's go of the conception, it disappears.

     So once he says let there be surprises, then he gets surprises,
"Hell where did THAT come from, who ordered THAT?"

     Thus he can cast away his total responsibility for condition and
engage in an endless fight for survival against insurmountable odds that
"NO ONE could have, would have or should have created intentionally."

     Well he or someone did surely, but he is now below awareness
of it, the apparency is he has no clue who made it.

     Actuality is what is true, reality is what he thinks is true, what
is real to him at the moment.


     Thus we have evil and a reason to be.

     Fighting something that you would never, could never, should never
have put there in the first place is the name of the game.

     The truth is he invited it all in to play, but maintaining
awareness of that waters it all down to a pansy game.

     Real games are not played against enemies you invited in.

     You see as he assesses for the reason something is out there, he
will of course have bypassed his own conception of surprise, and will
thus create endless lists of wrong whys as to who or what created it,
leading deeper and deeper into disasters of comparable magnitude to what
is out there that was created.

     He considers that black spot out there to be an anathema to the

     Jesus, a black spot, what would his mother say.

     And thus he tries to conceive of something or someone OF COMPARABLE
INTENTIONALLY have created it.  knowing full well how much it would upset
his mother.

     I mean who would do such a thing!

     He can't quite get the intention, as he has long ago bypassed
divine humor and fun as a reason why.

     He has totally lost his sovereignty in that black spot.

     Finally he descends into no one could have possibly created that,
it just is, and thus existence itself is the worst form of evil there
could be.

     "Evil is what is dead but moves anyway." - Adore

     Thus the game becomes to protect the remaining good beings in the
world against the AllThatIs which is a dark nightmare.

     But no being will ever strive to attain a level of nobility higher
than the universe he conceives created it, so the race is on for ratings
in the soaps.

     His computation of course is no nobility however high will ever win
against dead moving evil, so better to preempt in like kind before it
gets to his dear sweet mother.

     More overts have been committed in the name of dear sweet
motherhood, than can be counted.

     This is all built in, he didn't have to learn how to do it, this IS
what Omni Operating Lord God Almighty's do with their time, mostly fight
apparent Omni Operating Anti Lord God Almighty's, but failing that, they
take to trying to make nothing out of everything.

     The last effort of a being trying to give is to take.

     The last effort of a God trying to make something out of nothing,
is to make nothing out of everything.

     He CAN make nothing out of everything (that was made), BY MAKING IT

     But if he has saddled himself with some thing that NO ONE could
have, should have or would have created, then of course he won't be
making it again, he will be fighting it instead, throwing other
creations at it, and eventually he buries himself and everyone else
under the tonnage of his fire fight.

     So at this point accord has gone out the tubes, existence is his
greatest enemy, there is a perfect anti match between desire and the
what is, and there never will be a match again until the what is becomes
the what isn't.

     Mockup up something so ugly it would make you want to make nothing
out of everything forever for free.

     At the bottom of the tone scale you have the exact opposite of the
top of the tone scale, perfect dischord with no resolve in sight.

     Resolve he gets on the way home.

     "Thrill is always the effort to get lost,

     Romance is always the effort to get home.

     High Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge (of time)".  -Adore

     But he doesn't WANT to get home, for getting home means finding out
the (what he thinks will be the horrible) truth again about what created
this thing, and that just gives him the willies.  He will spend EONS
mocking up endless reasons why he shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't want to
know the truth, and make sure that everyone else he knows follows suit.

     He is just sure that if he ever found out the truth about what
created this thing, he would just explode and go splat all over native
state.  He feels he would go insane, lose control over his anger and
panic, and go into an eternal state of wanting to die and not being able

     Hubbard called this 'Must reach, can't reach, must withdraw, can't
     Resolve starts to come when he first realizes again, after a VERY
long dark night of the soul, that there is in fact perfect peace to be
had at the top.

     Maybe it comes from a prime postulate, or perhaps an ascension
experience from some drug or some goofy Church.

     But once he sees that last sparkle of laughter and pride just
before the Big Snooze, he KNOWS again for certain that there is Class
and perfect accord at the top.

     Class is friendship, so he again gets a momentary vision
of friendship with himself, everyone else AND the AllThatIs.
There is nothing more friendly than the top of the tone scale.
     Oh boy, is it friendly and in love with itself.


     "They have seen the light and comprehended it not." - Bible.

     If they haven't had the vision, they need to be given it quickly,
as there is no travel upwards without it.

     Without the confidence of *CLASS* burning in his soul, he will
never have the courage to look.

     Class is perfect friendship with the AllThatIs.

     This vision tells the being just one thing.

     If he truly wants something to be true, *IT IS*.

     Dig it and don't leave it.

     If he truly wants something to be true.  *IT IS*.

     Thus all that is left for him to do is to look into his heart of
hearts, and find out what he truly wants.

     If *HE* could have created everything including himself, how would
he have created it?

     He will quickly see that if things are not this way, there can
never be perfect accord between his desire and the what is, nor perfect
peace at the top no matter how omni powerful or immortal he is.

     In fact being eternal in a world with the slightest dischord or
lack of resolve at the top is a hell aborning forever for free the likes
of which no one can confront.

     You wouldn't mind living forever if only you could sleep forever
between bouts of insomnia (manifestation, life), right?

     The slightest dischord during that sleep, because things were not
quite the way you wanted them to be, or you were eternally worried you
might have to wake up one day and go back into an ultimately detestable
dream time, would ruin that sleep just enough for long enough, until it
caught up with you and you went crazy, seeking death forever as the only

     Thus as the being recovers for himself what he truly wants to be
true, it will become apparent that these things are in fact true, and
he couldn't want them if they weren't.

     Another big statement, don't go by it.

     This will allow him to figure out how he came in, which will
inevitably put him back out at native state.

     This will be the longest hardest journey he will ever undertake.

     And he will doubt himself every single step of the way.

     Who me, chose?

     All the above notwithstanding:

     You can't conceive being in without going out just a bit.

     You can't conceive getting out, without coming in just a bit.

     Operation of both in proper tempo leads to facility with both.

     The way in is the way out.

     The way out is the way in.

     One does not want to be in or out, one wants to be both IN AND OUT.

     Freedom comes from spanning the wings of the dicom, not by trying
to park yourself forever at one end.  You can, but only once you can
span both at the same time.

     Being both in and out allows you to both be here and yet sleep
freely any time you want, the eternal sleep.

     All it takes is a moment of the eternal sleep to prepare you for
the next day.


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