The subject of death has come up a few times in relation to UCP,
the so called Universal Clearing Process, NOTS, and auditing in general.

      People generally consider death a bad thing, like being born in
protoplasmic slime is a good thing.

      "Whee, I wanna be a Food Tube, and turn icecream into shit all day

      Apparently the rest of the universe is God's way of recycling shit
back into ice cream.

      Anyhow, they got it backwards, being born is a good bye of
magnitude, and dying is a hello of magnitude.

      Being born is like going to prison, that ain't a happy day even if
you have lots of friends in the clink with you.

      Dying is like being released from prison, sad to leave all your
friends in the clink behind, but hardly a day to rue.

      Be that as it may, dying is considered bad, we all want to go
'clear and OT' while staying alive, and Christianity and Adore assures
us this is possible.

      "Christ did not die on a Cross of Wood.

      Christ died on the Cross of Pride and Shame.

      Christ died in the flesh and was reborn in the flesh and the
Spirit, so that you do not have to die in the flesh to be reborn in the

      Of course Adore is all hallucination, so we take that with a grain
of salt.

      Man do UCPer's hate Adore.  I wonder why?  I can't imagine how they
could feel attacked by it at all.  That one is a complete surprise to

      Anyhow, Adore says something else about auditing and death.


      What this means is, if you are dying of your case, the case you are
dying of is about death, or its detested immortal lack of.

      You think death is scary, consider living forever in one time line.

      That's hell forever, and death forever is a warm comfort compared
to hell forever.

      Anyhow only the charge surrounding death and birth is strong enough
to kill a body, and this in part because it is a transition from an
immortal hell forever to a mortal death forever.

      The APPARENT charge on death is the loss of all your friends still
in the clink with you, the real charge is the transition from out of the
frying pan back into the fire.

      You understand this?

      And if there is no fire, how then could their be that much charge
on death, for surely the frying pan of life in a mortal body is hot.
Surely it must be a relief to get back to a serene immortality or
eternality above that.

      So which is worse, a God that thinks it will die forever when in
fact it will live forever, or a Human that thinks it will live forever
when in fact it will die forever?

      Why would one pretend to be the other?

      Fun lark on a sunny day in Heaven?

      Now auditing BT's or other disincarnate beings, brings us very
close to the 7th dynamic where it all went wrong and we stuck our heads
into the 6th forever more.

      The being on the 7th is like a great big balloon with two legs.

      One leg stands firmly in the Infinities of the 8th, and the other
leg stands firmly on the floor of Time Stone, MEST, the 6th.

      "Mortals bow and pray to the God of Time, Stone and Dust in the
Wind.  Their Faith is not be belittled." - Adore

      The balloon sits and lives on the 7th dynamic intermingled with a
trillion trillion other balloons each with their two legs, one in the
8th and one in the 6th.

      You know in Startrek they have this huge room that acts as a
holodeck.  When nothing is being projected, its empty, just a huge empty
black room with nothing in it.  But then the computer can put a whole
ocean there, with ships and people and whatever you want.

      OK that's what the 7th dynamic is like.  The 7th dynamic is a huge
enpty room filled with beings making space and putting something in it.
What they are putting there is a self luminous, scalar, color form
picture, a hallucination if you will, of space and time, matter and
energy, that they can play with.

      The picture of space and time itself takes up no space or time,
that's why it's called a scalar, zero dimensional.

      The sum total of all these color form projections of space and time
welded together is the 6th dynamic.

      Its like each being on the 7th is a huge clear balloon, and inside
him is some part of the 6th dynamic being projected.  As other traveller
beings come along and move through each being to being, they experience
different parts of the 6th dynamic being projected.

      God of MEST is not one being, God of MEST is a whole society of 7th
dynamic beings doing this for their own edification.

      Usually these beings overlap each other, so MEST is a continuum
from end to end.  But sometimes they may separate from each other, and
the MEST projected by one being will just kind of end and won't be
connected to the next section of MEST being projected by his neighbor.

      Now traveller visitor beings wandering through this 6th dynamic
projection are well aware it is a projection, they are well aware they
themselves are also on the 7th dynamic with one foot in the 8th.

      They are like museum goers who have donned their radio head phones,
and as they travel from exhibit to exhibit, the radio head phone tells
the story of the first exhibit until it comes in range of the next
exhibit at which point the radio head phones start to tell another
story.  Well that's like moving through this 7th dynamic holodeck of 6th
dynamic projections.

      As you move from 7th dynamic being to being, you get another part
of the MEST universe in view.

      Now somewhere along the line the museum travellers do something
really weird.  They BECOME part of the exhibit, they duck into the 6th
dynamic completely, they loose their awareness of living on the 7th
dynamic and they have no clue about their own other foot being in the
8th.  They think they are one footed beings without a balloon on the

      Further they come to comprehend that the 6th dynamnic is NOT a
holodeck project from the 7th, but is in fact actual.  Thus they believe
that because they see space and time, there must be space and time.

      That's like the visitor in the museum suddenly thinking the voice
he hears in his head through radio phones is a live announcer at each

      This is a very big rift.

      For one they have lost their direct pipeline to the Infinities on
the 8th.

      On the 7th, they were aware of all beings, they could communicate
instantly with anyone, everyone was ever present, there was no
ALONENESS, they visited others at will, took on their projections, mused
a bit, maybe added to them, then moved on.  The museum grew and evolved
as each traveler moved through it and made comment to the projecting

      Suddenly the 7th no longer exists for them.  Where before all
beings were instantly accessible INWARDLY, now only a few beings were
accessible OUTWWARDLY, and only with skilled use of the communication
mechanisms of MEST, sound, light etc.

      Where before they knew that life was EVERY WHERE PRESENT, and MEST
was a hologram in the color forms of consciousness, now they felt that
cold steel and iron and space and time were every where present, and
that what life there was, was just a flickering manifestation of MEST
gotten a bit too complex.

      Where before the longing and interchange of love was instantaneous
and ever abundant, now it had to be sought from one end of the earth to
the other and protected with dear life.

      Where before there was no fear but fun fear, now things were
serious, death was immanent and came to all, and one played the game of
survival because the penalties of not doing so were worse.

      Where before the being had an *INFINITE* number of INFINITIES on
the 8th, and a close and boundless family on the 7th and fun baubles of
color form on the 6th, now the being had only a 6th, and that dynamic is
a meat grinder running on a carrier wave of horror, and no 7th at all,
forming an impenetrable black abyss between the 6th and an incompetently
imagined 8th of a far off and commanding God living on the other side of
the Abyss.

      Where before the being had FOREVER to accomplish and do whatever he
wanted to do, he now had one life and that's it bud.

      Immortal dreams and feelings were too hot to bear, one could not
even think of them and live.

      Finally this being takes to taking on a baby 5th dynamic, growing
up as a 1st dynamic into a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  He eschews the 5th as
beneath him, and struts on the 4th as if he is God.  For if there is no
other God for him, he might as well be that God.

      After he grows up and sits on the mountain top of a mature 4th
dynamic of mankind, the pinnacle of consciousness for him is that there
IS NO consciousness except the weird flicker of life in the cold steel
and electronic marble that he calls himself.

      He and his consciousness is made of parts operating via cause and
effect across a space time distance, thus he is a machine, his
consciousness merely a process in a space time gizmo called his brain,
and when the constituents, arrangement and process of those parts fall
apart, he and his consciousness will disintegrate forever with them.

      So he grew up as a 1st to become a 4th and then looks from the
center of the dynamics up at the 5th and 6th, and sees the stars and
only a great mystery before him.

      He pretends to embrace the mystery, but in truth cowers in fear
from it, pretending (hoping) it can never be known lest he never live it

      There is nothing beyond the night sky to him but his hopes and

      Now you are going to audit this guy on a BT.  That puts him right
back where he first ducked into the 6th FOR REAL and severed his ties
with the 7th and 8th.

      As a pc he is reaching FROM the 4th to ARRIVE at the 8th, he wants

      As an auditor you are trying to get him to BE the 8th which he
already is, he never left, and re create himself downward to becoming a

      The charge on immortal dreams that he lost in his fall into the 6th
dynamic valley of the shadow of death, is enough to kill him, unless you
take him, his entire life, his body, everything that he owns, and all of
his friends and loved ones back to the 7th *TOGETHER*.

      For they are all already there, he can't go back 'alone'.

      And they must get there from the 8th down, not from the 4th up.

      Man does not be come God, God becomes man.

      The recovery of that God is to become man again until he tires of
the deceit as a God.

      So basically if your pc isn't looking into the maw of hell forever
and death forever at least every few sessions, he just isn't running
deeply or even anything that will do him any long term good.

      Once he contacts even for a moment how he REALLY FEELS about being
a process in a space time gizmo, he will understand why he is sick and
has a long road ahead of him, recovering his soveriengty and equanimity
over the matter.

      The choice of eternal life to become eternally dead.

      Sickness is basically non equanmity powering seriously off source
misdirection in life.

      We don't need to kill the pc to make him better, but once you find
that direction which the pc is most certain will kill him if he goes
near it, you have your orientation on the direction the pc is most going
wrong in, and the direction the pc most needs to go right in.

      Your preclear is just sure he can die of joy, so watch it.


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