Discover Magazine, Special Issue. 5/2007

     Article 'In NO Time",

     "As Rovelli explains it, in quantum mechanics, all particles of
matter and energy can also be described as waves.  And waves have an
unusual property: An infinite number of them can exist in the same
location.  If time and space are one day shown to consist of quanta, the
quanta could all exist piled together in a single dimensionless point.
"Space and time in some sense melt in this picture," says Rovelli.
"There is no space any more (and no time).  There are just quanta kind
of living on top of one another without being immersed in space."

      My comments:

      Been saying this since 1973, Learning with Certainty across a
distance is impossible, since consciousness IS perfect certainty, it can
have no distance in space or time (dimension).

      Existence consists of a multi faceted ZERO dimensional operating

      What they will find, once they get below the Planck scale of 10*-43
are quanta of consciousness, and all the rest of the macro scopic nonsense
that we call MEST will be merely quantum dreams in quantum conscious

      It is a very big error to consider that consciousness is a
mechanical macroscopic phenomenon, ie chemistry bubbling away at 98.6.

      Mechanical macroscopic phenonmenon are illusions of space and time,
consciousness is not an illusion, thus consciousness is not a mechanical
macroscopic phenomenon of any kind.

      Consciousness is the substrate on which illusions are displayed.


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