The AllThatIs is a zero dimensional operating actuality.

      Space and time are a multidimensional virtual reality, projected in
the conscious substrate of the AllThatIs.

      The AllThatIs consists of the ONE and the MANY.

      The ONE we call Source, and MANY we call conscious units.

      It is not true that the ONE is cause and the MANY are effect.

      Cause is bidirectionally distributed across both the ONE and the

      "Source sources only when will casts."

      The ONE doesn't start it, the MANY do.

      The ONE and the MANY are co eternal, neither arises out of the
other, and neither returns to the other.

      The ONE and the MANY do however remain eternally connected to each

      Even during a state of total timeless non manifestation, the MANY
still exists and is operating in a state of eternal sleep.

      Blood flows even while the body is at rest.

      Operation is interaction between the ONE and the MANY.

      Operation never ceases.

      Basic promise is to adore operation.


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