ted_crammer@hotmail.com wrote:

>Homer, you are mind broke. That's your god-self telling your little
>jerkoff meat self to survive and be self-determined about it as long as
>it can because it hasn't yet reached JOY. (Joke's On You)

     How can a meat body reach JOY?

     Radius of murder is defined as the radius around any being in
which at least one death/murder/suicide/torture is happening at all

     What's your radius of murder?

     What's your radius of JOY?

     How closed down does one have to be to not be impinged upon by
other's suffering and screams?

     How big does one have to be for the screams to be drowned out by
the roar of the stars?

     Good friend of mine 4 days ago was in a car accident while GOING
to an accident as an emergency medic, he got side swiped by a drunk
and crashed, breaking his L2 spine vertebra.

     I cried.  I am supposed to be happy?  All my friends are hanging
on crosses.

     Are you off yours?
     3 years ago, this same guy was on emergency alert, and the name
of his own son came in over the call, dead of a broken neck in a car
crash the kid wasn't even driving.
     You get the joke?

     Got a nail remover?

     I will buy, what's the price?

     Any warrantees of survivability of humor over real time?


Tue Jun 19 19:33:32 EDT 2007