This idea that the way to live is to ignore the story of the I is

     I do it differently.

     I pretend I have a huge audience sitting in a movie theater
watching my life unfold as the main character in the drama.

     And drama it shall be.

     I ask myself, is the audience rooting for me, are they booing me
in disgust, or are they leaving in boredom?

     In each moment I ask myself, what can I do now to enhance my
audience's experience of this movie called Homer's life?

     Get them involved, get them to take sides, get them to partake of
the dilemmas, get them into conflicts they never conceived of before.

     I try to give my audience its monies worth, keep them on the edge
of their seats, and give them one hell of good happy ending they will
never forget, and leave them wide awake and inspired.

     For I am AUTHOR.

     Ignoring the character, indeed.


     "Is there any intelligent life on Earth?"

     "Yes but we just stopped to refuel."

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