The facsimile bank is a compulsive non confront issue, it was a
safe solution to a serious problem on the early track.  Once it unmocks,
his havingness comes back.  He can now mock up pictures forever for
free, put his dreams on MEST and have them come true by the mere posting
of them.

     There were havingness issues in the original non confront, so the
being feels he needs a track in order to have, but its like carrying
around a movie camera recording one's life every second of the day, AND
10 million miles of camera film recording your whole life and using it
for memory.

     You would consider such a human nuts, and it would seriously hamper
his livingness to do this.

     Worse this film is magic film, if he has a picture of being bitten,
and that part of the film gets agitated, the film can bite him again!

     Of courfse he has to CAUSE this to happen, but in general you don't
want to be walking around with 10 million miles of this stuff wrapped
around your neck.
     A being free from the track doesn't need camera film to remember
things, he can permeate space and time directly and know what happened.

     If he is in to pictures, wants to show them to others, he can
BECOME the whole scene and allow them to walk through it and experience
it for themselves in full 3D surround sound.

     The Black V is actually a Black Infinity case, he can't mockup
various infinities or unlimited finite quantities of mass, energy, space
and time, aesthetics, pain or whatever.

     A being can't actually mock up an infinite amount of something
finite, space, time, marbles, girl friends etc, but there is no limit to
how much or many he can mock up, as long as it remains finite he can
just as easily mockup 10 times or 100 billion times the amount, and then
do it again and again.  There is no upper limit to his ability to mockup
finite things, as long as it isn't infinite.

     So when we say a Black Infinity case, we are talking about mocking
up a 100 squadrillion mothers, and then 100 squadrillion to the
squadrillion power more, and then again and again etc.

     There is one exception to the above 'no infinities' rule which is
there HAS been an infinite number of finite space time continuums filled
with finite things mocked up in the eternal past and an infinite more
will be in the eternal future, all in the same Eternity, but not at the
same TIME.
     Any time stream is finite inside of Eternity, but there have been
an infinite number of such finite time streams, and will be an infinite
number in the eternal future to come.  Get it?

     The Black V is using track very heavily to block out track
completely.  It's a not-isness that totally consumes all his mental
energy so he can't even light a candle in the darkness any more.  Once
the Black V starts to come apart, the amount of visio that turns on
gives him unlimited vertigo because it is visio of the 'infinities'
interplaying again.


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