Heidrun Beer (hBeer@sgmt.at) wrote:

     thanks for the write up.

>last months, they have agreed on two things: there is no
>hell in the way the Christians want us to believe - and the 
>only thing resembling the "hell" concept is life on Earth.

     I totally disagree with this.

     Assuredly there is no hell or heaven forever in time.  The
christians are wrong and the source of all evil.


     Earth is a hell through lots of body layers of numbness because
people haven't been properly running out their hells or their heavens
either during the life or after life.

     When a being dies, they no longer have the protective layer of
numbness of the body and they fall to their true thetan tone.

     During that time, if they let it happen, many different finite
hells and heavens begin to run out in alternating sequence, like bad
dreams followed by good dreams, bugs and babes, etc.

     Most people dive back into a body before its all over, so during
that life and the next end of life they have unhandled hells and
heavens from earlier lives that build up and build up causing a
seriously dwindling spiral.

     Once this is understood, and the being firmly understands that
his waking state in a body is no more than a dream in a higher sleep,
these hells and heavens start to run out in his nightly dream sleep.

     Along with all those hells and heavens of his BT's.

     The worst off are those that don't dream, either they have no
charge, or no awareness most likely the latter.

     For most it is missed time when one could be running out the bugs
one night, the volcanoes the next, the lost and lonelies the third
night, and then feeling up 12 year old titty for a night.

     Hubbard said never forget that sex used to be a BIG thing, as the
hells run out at night, one begins to understand what he meant when
the full everyone invited orgies start.

     Cute, young and warm.  Yum.

     Then everyonce in a while, a bitch 'How DARE you touch me there!'

     Sometimes if I am in a good mood, I let them be, everyone has a
right to be conscious in my dreams bitches or not.

     But sometimes I tire of the make wrong, so I puddle them.

     "Who are you, what are you, how many are you."

     Poof, no more bitch.

     Sometimes a seriously beautiful chick will show up, I mean total
ascension experience, but it is very dangerous to tell them they are
that pretty, they distegrate quickly into demon faces and worse.

     Also dangerous to ask anyone what their name is, much too close
to 'who are you'.  It puddles them unintentionally.

      Restimulates killing something loved by hugging a bit too hard.

     Actually kills them in this case, is THEY have a reaction of fear
that is unexpected, they react against the hug as if it is a life
threatening thing although it isn't, and they die of their own fear.
     It's a pro survival mechanism in most animals to die quickly when
in the jaws or spiral of a predator.
     As for the good dreams, usually all it takes to get everyone to
take their shirts off is to merely think the thought, sometimes I
gotta ask out loud.

     Mostly its projection of intention, lots of people are totally
open to being intended to intend something, "I am bored, up me upping

     So dream chicks are always on the edge of taking off their
clothes anyhow, so just giving the ok mentally makes it happen.

     Anyhow after a few nights of heavens burning off, and burning my
dick off, a spider will crawl across a wall, and sure enough next
night I am up to my ears in bugs and snakes, and things too ugly to
look at.

     The lesson to learn is that bugs only stick to flinch.

     Unfortunately some of the negative stuff that turns on is
WAY unconfrontable, disintegrative to my very I Am ness, and I flinch
anyhow and thus get eaten. :)

     So I am quite aware that I have a long ways to go to become
hell and heaven free.

     So it annoys me that this only happens during sleep, but my black
V is highly protective of my sorry ass.  Every once in a while my
mockups start to turn on while wide awake, and its "Oh God..."

     Still, wish I could run this stuff awake.

     But in any case I am convinced that should I survive body death,
I will be in such a state with hells and heavens running ferociously,
all of them, and hopely I will do better with them than I did last
time.  No clue what I did last time, but if this life is any
indication, I messed up badly.

     By the way, admitting that I have no reality whatsoever on past
lives, except a few dreams where I recognize the music and people and
places and pot, I seriously doubt that my past lives are on Earth, or
that anyone's are, although they could be.

     I sort of feel incarnation follows a very non linear path across
many different universes, times and places from life to life.

      No proof one way or the other though.

      The hells and the heavens I am certain of though, trying to
run out as much as I can while still alive.


Tue Jun 26 01:09:44 EDT 2007