>Rudiments are not just on the subject of the auditor or the session.
>If I have misunderstood my apologies.

     Correct at which point I reiterate my question, who among us is not
ARCX (upset, broken in Affinity, Reality (agreement), and Communication)
with themselves and Source?

     Many are unaware of their charge, they have withdrawn inside a
steel sphere that keeps their charge at bay, they can even F/N, while
floating around inside their manufactured unreality, but don't poke into
the steel or they will berate you for going where they don't want to be
reminded of.

     Make wrongs indeed.  That's exactly what the Church said, Homer is
making us wrong by spending $50,000 and ending up NCG.

     Surely there is the infinite, to encompass that kind of self
servicing idiocy.
     If you can't help a pc, it is not because the pc is making you


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