Heidrun Beer ( wrote:
>I personally believe that if a person were up to simultaneously
>handling both sides of that session, s/he would be such a 
>master of the mind that his or her life planning memories
>may have popped up earlier during their training, as the
>"veil" that normally separates the physical from the spiritual
>reality will be progressively thinning.

     Yes, progressively thinning.  Been there and doing that daily.

     However there is a cult that believes that the auditor is more
important than the process.

     Adore believes that *TRUTH* will set you free, not some jackass in
a chair.

     The truth consists of the correct items to run, the process, not
people acting as a substitute for truth.

     Anyhow my view is that hynosis is for the birds, either you can
reach the material or you can't.  Using some huge other determinism to
invoke trance and unconsciousness to get there can not possibly provide
perfect certainty.
     The *CORRECT* item is never hard to reach.


Wed Jul  4 02:17:57 EDT 2007