CB Willis ( wrote:
>But to do this credibly he would have had to fairly and accurately state
>the positions of the other religions and denominations, else he would have
>only straw men arguments, which is what much of his writings against
>Christianity look like.  
     Well yes, I do this too when I get on a roll, "All Christians
suck flaming crosses!".

     What I would have done, rather than mention religions by name, is
go after concepts and ideas like, "Hell forever for the acts of 4
score and 20", and "God made us" rather than we are God in carnation,
then people could pick and choose from their own religions the best
and discard the rest.

     I also would have done a lot of comparative religion, showing
where their many differing views are on the tone scale, showing that
each religion had good ideas and perversions, so that people could
tell the difference.

     Problem with Scn is it wanted to be a science of salvation, but
that is kind of an oxymoron.  One could concievable reduce the
operating principles of this universe down to a science, but that is
kind of dry.  Hubbard in fact was very dry in his writings, sometimes
one wonders if he ever felt anything deeper than anger.
     Having never been around him, I can't tell you, but from reading
his stuff, its just spiritless dryness from top to bottom.

     He also never used the word Sovereignty in its proper connotation
once as far as I can tell.

     He used responsibility instead in its place.

     Again the beauty of divinity replaced by the dryness of science.
     So while he was working on his science of the AllThatIs, he
managed by definition to come up with a religion, a science of
realization, of ultimate epistomology, of Creation even, and then had
to take back his 'this is all science' stuff.
     I dunno, maybe he had a lousy definition of religion, we look it
up in the dictionary and it is pretty lame, but its roots come from
"To Bind", reconnection to the fountain head of Source etc,

     Religion: 1.) A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and
purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of
a super human agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and
ritual observances and often having a moral code for the conduct of
human affairs.

     Religion: 1.) The expression and of man's belief in and reverence
for a superhuman power recognized as the creator and governor of the

     Two different definitions, two different dictionaries.

     Basically I feel the word has been defined down to mean blind
faith and beliefs in a supreme being kind of thing, rather than a true
understanding of the Cosmic All.

     It is unclear to me where religion parts ways with science,
philsophy, epistomology and ontology etc.  Why couldn't we have a
science of God and Salvation?

     Generally science is an outward thing, it needs peer review,
objective corroboration.  Science of course fails utterly when you try
to corroborate the existence of the corroborators!  Meatballs refuse
to admit that though.
     Religion is an inward thing, it goes where science as such can
not.  But it was the scientists that defined science and limited it to
'objective' phenomenon, so maybe that's where they lost the Cosmic All
as their proper play ground.  They think it is all 'out there', when
in fact they inherited nothing actual to study at all, as in truth it
is all 'in here'.

     Adore solves the problem with

     "The purpose of Creation is to Trade in Expressions of

     Creation     Religion   God
     Discovery    Science    Man
     Expression   Art        Woman
     Trade        Business   Child

     The subject of the purpose and mechanics of creation then are
properly the subject of religion.

     WHAT is created, the apparently external virtual holodeck of
Matter Energy, Space and Time, Adore's Time Stone, is the proper
subject of Science.

     As one masters the external physical universe one produces art in
it, not just pretty things to look at, but *FUNCTIONAL* art, machines,
things that work etc, food, clothing, shelter, wares, things that
express the knowledge that one has made in discovery.

     Then one engages in fair trade amongst each other in these
functional expressions of discovery which is business.

     The child is trying to master business as his first order of
business!  Produce and trade.

     The woman is trying to master art, expression of discovery.

     The man is trying to master discovery.

     In this society women are mostly forced to do child's work, and
men are doing women's work.  Few are in their own correct zone.

     The God is trying to master creation.

     These are *PHASES* of a being's evolution up through a particular
area of control, they have little to do with the body, except the sex
and age of the body arbitrarily overlays on top of the basic phases of
the spirit being and can hinder or help them as the case may be.

     Beings who are in 'good shape' tend to pick bodies that are most
capable of furthering their own phase and purpose for incarnating.
     Adore is a baby phase religion, and thus this is a (very young)
child's view of how it all stacks up.