Heidrun Beer (hBeer@sgmt.at) wrote:
>Now as soon as I can tune in to whatever "focus level" 
>I want to see, I will have a better basis for deciding what
>and what not to perceive at any given time.

     OK, well from a self confessed idiot savant who has never run a
process to F/N, I would indicate that you are underjudging the enormity
of what you wish to perceive.  Thus you seek to see something that isn't
there, too small in conception.

>I want to talk to my people, and when my body is asleep,
>I want to be able to utilize the time by going to other
>places, looking at things and inspecting what has been
>created. I agree with your "need to know" concept, but it 
>really should be me who makes the decision what I need 
>to know!

     Well I 'talk' to 12 year old babes every other night, but I gotta
talk to the bugs every other night!

     As long as I do well with the bugs, and the snakes, and the
parasites, and the black cooties from hell, and the bees in my ears and
nose, and spiders coming out of my eyes, and the snakes out of my dick,
the next night, wham, there is nothing better than soft young titty
especially if it ain't ARCX with being a girl yet.

>For instance - I have the google search engine and I am 
>perfectly happy to not-know the majority of its entries. 
>I don't need to know anything about Britney Spears or
>Prince William or how to build a dirty bomb. But I would
>be upset if I put in my search words and it didn't work
>for me but tell me "you don't need to know that". I must
>be the one who decides!

     Carol is saying perhaps you have decided that as long as you
underestimate what you wish for, you won't get it, as you don't have a
need to know what ain't there.

     For me, I bitch about the Black V thingy, then my vision starts to
turn on, and I say, "Oh Right, ok, that's enough, I just love that black

     That turns Black V back into a solution again rather than a

     Inabilities as problems are lower toned than inabilities as

     So any inability that is a problem needs to be audited back up to
inability as a solution, then you can open the door by pushing it
gently closed any time you wish.


Sun Jul  8 22:50:46 EDT 2007