A being is something on the order of a total knowingness.

      This doesn't mean that he knows everything, or everything that
everyone else has ever created or ever will.

      For example he doesn't necessarily know all the digits of PI.

      However he may or may not know all the digits of PI that have ever
been computed in some particular universe.

      But mostly being a total knowingness means he is quite capable
without further education, of knowing and not knowing things into and
out of existence, and basically everything he does is made of knowing
and unknowing of one kind or another.  In the physical universe this
translates into cause as control, start, change and stop.

      Total knowingness then means there is nothing more than knowing to
a being's abilities.

      But those abilities are directed by himself as CAUSE into creating
designer causes out in the created universe.  Universes are bascially
collections of causes and causations between the objects in them, if
only just to perceive them.  Perception is the object causing its
creator to perceive them at the behest of the creator.

      This leads to a rather odd aberration which is that his need to
believe that he knows everything necessary to know, regardless of how
unpleasant a crock of hell bound bull it is, exceeds his need to believe
something desirable.

      He will say 'Thank you Lord for giving me the truth, even though
all my star bellied sneech friends are all going to hell forever, at
least I, without the star belly, am going to heaven, thank you for

      Yet take this same guy and put him into session and run 'How do you
feel about that belief?' and see what happens.

      At first he will lie to you, he can't afford to admit discord with
the word of God, his God is a mean God and will send him to hell along
with all his star bellied sneech friends for doubt of canon, which is

      This guy is inaccessible, a lie factory, totally out of contact
with his own DESIRE.

      You might as well run,

      "Well if YOU were the Creator, how would YOU have created things?"

      Oh that's a dangerous one, why bother thinking about our desire,
what possible relevance can desire have to the what is?

      That's a SERIOUS disconnect of responsibility for condition, don't
you see?

      The primary difference between self blame and taking responsibility
is desire.  The responsible person considers he desired what he created,
even if he now no longer wants it or regrets it.  The self blamer
doesn't.  He hates himself for creating what he didn't want.

      The self blamer may also say he originally wanted what he created
but didn't know what the consequences would be, and should have known
better etc.

      But in any case to the low toned, desire is at best a failing where
it agrees with the AllThatIs, and an outright sin where it disagrees.

      So this guy is toast, he lives and breaths and teaches a detested
conception of the cosmic all, yet tries very hard to be 'good' lest he
go to hell forever at the hands of a seriously vile and deranged God.

      "God loves you so much he created hell forever in case you don't
love him back."

      Teaching little kids about hell forever is actually a form of child
abuse, but the psychotic parent does it for the child's own good, and
his own.  If parent doesn't, the child might end up in hell and God will
surely take the parent to task for allowing that to happen through mere
lack of educating the child properly.

      So we have a very sick society, people are BELOW knowing what they
desire any more and they are TERRIFIED crazy to find out.


      That is inverted desire (interest) on the Pre-Havingness Scale.

      Something or someone might take exception to what they want, and
that is massive PTSness.

      But how can a being get so low toned that he will sell his own
desire down the river just to believe that he has all the answers?

      That's because a being can not stand ENFORCED NOT KNOWING.

      A being is basically a total knowingness but at the top of the tone
scale, at native state, there is nothing to know, just resident ability
to know and not know creatively.

      So fair chosen not knowing is top scale, and ALL ABERRATION is
enforced basic truth.

      In this case enforced not knowing.

      So when the being finds himself in a universe where he has no clue
where he came from, and no rememberance at all of choosing his present
condition, and UNABLE TO KNOW, he will do anything, include sell his
self, desire and integrity along with everyone else's too, right down
the river in order to believe that he knows again, even if his knowing
is the most horrible nightmare alive.

      Nightmares are basically unproud knowledge, sought after because
they self cast from horror, and they allow the being to stop the search
for knowing and 'get on with his dea...  er life.'

      Self casting from horror means the idea causes horror and the
horror is used as evidence that the idea is true.

      Get the idea you are going to die one day for good along with
everyone else, and watch it self cast until you can do it at will and
will never fall for it again.

      Thus you have most of the planet believing that people go to hell
forever simply for having a star on their belly, while 'chosen' people
do not.

      This view is SO HORRIBLE that it exceeds even the imagination of
the star bellied people that anyone could ever believe it unless it were
somehow true, and so you find some of the star bellies wanting to
convert to the non star belly's nightmare that the star bellies are hell
bound, practically out of the gate.

      The converted star belly believes that God won't send them to hell
if they are right at least even if they are still stained with the star
on their belly.

      A little laser surgery will remove the star they hope.

      The issue here is DESIRE.

      People believe they don't have what they desire, but they have lost
sight that they desired to not have what they desire.  And that loss of
sight they also desired.

      So recovering for a person WHAT HE DESIRES in the way of an
operating AllThatIs, goes a long ways towards clearing a person.

      He will go through a phase of coming back into contact with what he
really desires, but still suffer the self casting doubt that he can have

      These are the Qualms, otherwise known as 'too good to be true'.

      Get him through it.  Not know is better than selling yourself and
everyone else you touch down the river out of cowardice for the
momentary relief of lies and illusion of knowing it all.

      Hell is 'well at least *I* go to heaven forever'.

      And guess what, he will be able to make friends again, oh will he
be able to make friends again, with EVERYONE.

      He will FEEL, he will BOND, he will afford intimacy again.

      Even with people who think he is going to hell forever for making
friends with everyone.

Wed Aug 12 16:28:50 EDT 2015