In the absence of direct rememberance of our past, there is much
speculation about what the greater context of our lives is.

     Some say our present existence is a school for us to learn
lessons and evolve upwards in.

     Other's say present time is a last ditch effort to remain
conscious before we sink forever more into the rigid apathy of MEST.

     Hubbard was of the second opinion, as am I.

     "If Time Stone be Tomb Stone, then let Wisdom be Epitaph.  The
way out of your grave is to read the words on your tombstone." -Adore

     There are however certain facts which are inexorable, one of
those being the dwindling spiral caused by the reversal of time in the
DED/DEDEX sequence.

     The being commits an unprovoked overt act, usually accidentally, or
impishly with unintended consequences, regrets it, tries to restrain it,
and then later the person he hurt does something to him, and then he
feels justified for having committed the overt act earlier.

     See Electra Overwhelm, Justification and Restraint EXM40.memo

     Thus an unprovoked and regretted overt act becomes a provoked and
justified overt act after the fact.

     The ded/dedex sequence is DEADLY to the being, and NO being will
survive it barring auditing or Prime Postulate.

     If we further assume that the ded/dedex sequence is the true
reason for lack of memory due to the scrambling of time order of
events, then the present time situation looms ominous indeed.


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