CB Willis ( wrote:

>He is unlikely to know in advance whether his postulate will actually be
>effective or not,

     Take a good long look at this consideration...

>>     Presumably after he runs the mechanism out in himself, he will in
>>fact be able to hurt others, and will have to deal with the ethics of
>>doing so.

>If he deals with the ethics, the mechanism will also tend to poof.  
>This is the normal way to approach it.

     Contacting the original incident is almost impossible from a look
and see attitude.  One tries to get at it by making him DO it again,
until he contacts the original doing.

     The unwillingness to ever do it again, actually is an aberration
and sticks him further in it.

     The willingness to do it again, and be wrong, is what frees him up
to not having to do it again.

     That's why the first line in adore's proper confessional form is
'Do it again' (in your mind).

     Bodies do not run on a 'do it again' basis, they run on a 'must
never happen again basis'.

     Thetan's run on a do it again basis, and die if they get stuck in a
must never happen again basis.

     Primary body thetan conflict.

     Bodies and thetan's *HATE* each other.

     Except for the theetie wheeties :)


Wed Aug 15 16:22:56 EDT 2007