>Homer, there you go again ARCx'ing the poor sods....

     True.  I don't mind that other's express opinions, but I fair game
anyone who tries to get other's to not post or shut up because it is out
reality to them.

     I will not tolarate suppression of communication.

     I also get on Mike's case because of the overts he committed in not
talking to his daughter about spiritual matters for so long.

     "Trix is for kids, but truth is not."

>But consider that they are reaching, if they are here.

     Some people reach with their elbows, and they reach to prevent
other's from reaching.

     While Kevin is denying he wants to live again, Hubbard laid out a
whole cosmology of total responsibility across trillions and trillions
of years.

     Whether the exact details are correct is irrelevant, the basic
abilities laid out up the grade chart are completely in keeping with a
being who is repsonsible for his own condition from the top down.

     The hardest part of going clear is DARING to know what you
desire, absent the aborning ability to have it.



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