Mickel ( wrote:
> If you about BTs and can run them, here is a question I would like to know:
>What is the difference between a Spiritual Teammate and a BT?

     Ok, listen up dimwit, I like picking on you, you asked for it and
you got it.

     Your daughter is walking down a dark street one night, and a gang
of thugs starts to approach her, to have their way with her, and laave
her skinless but still breathing on the side of a highway.

     Her skin they are going to keep as a souvenir and nail it up in one
of their apartments.

     What's the fucking difference between these guys and spiritual team

     You get a cookie if you answer correctly.

     OK, let's take another example, more at your confront level.

     One day YOU are walking along the streets of New York, amongst
millions and millions of people who don't even know each other, doing
their own thing, going their own ways, following goals and purposes the
others never even heard of.

     Suddenly the aliens come out of the sky and gather up all of New
York city, all 9 million inhabitants, including the skinheads who nailed
your daughter, and compress them all into one body with a ruling idiot,
ahem being, namely yourself.

     What's the difference between this composite and your spiritual

     You think most of this compressed group wants to continue to hang
out around you and your pitiful conception of the cosmic all after you
release them to be free again?

     You will be very lucky most of them don't wait around for you to
die so they can nail you to a cross on the underbelly of the astral
plane for all the fucking messed up auditing you gave them.

     On the upside, they will be happy to be free again, and perhaps if
you take long enough to die, they will get bored waiting around for you,
and go take up constructive lives elsewhere.
     People do tend to forgive bad auditing and 'What PC?' auditors,
after a while.


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