A being has a hard time staying in any particular space time game
stream.  This is because he retains awareness of his intention to enter
and partake, aware of his own invitation to himself to be where he is.

     One distraction, he takes his attention off his creation, and the
dream is gone.

     The only way to stay in a while for long is to forget that one
chose to enter, and become quite sure that one had nothing to with
     This creates a violation of sovereign desire, a hysteria to get out
and to never come in again.

     This suffices to keep one in, which was what was intended, to stay

     The vector to come in assumes one is out.

     The vector to get out assumes one is in.

     One can not become cause by being an effect, and one can not get
out by pre postulating that one is in.

     So should one be apathetic about being stuck in?

     No of course not, he WANTS to be stuck in.  He doesn't need to get
out, he needs to recover his desire to be in.

     Then of course he will get out :)
     One does not audit being stuck in, one audits WANTING to be stuck
in for a while.

     This isn't meant to twist your brain, trying to stay in is what
twists your brain, because the only way to stay in is to postulate that
you ARE IN but want to be out.

     Being out is easy, being in is almost heart breakingly impossible.

     Look what you had to do to yourself just to stay in.

     Thus if you are having a hard time getting out, you are up against
how almost impossible it was to stay in.

     The problem lies with intent.  The guy WANTS in, so one doesn't
audit him on his screaming to get out, because if you do he may get out
to his dismay, and then he will just want in again.

     He won't in fact let this happen, to keep him in session you have
to audit him on being better able to stay in WITHOUT getting out.

     *THAT* is his problem.

     He SAYS he wants out, what he means is he wants to stay in
in for a while without getting out before he is ready.

     THAT is what he wants 'out' of, the inability to stay in and NOT
get out for a while.

     The reason he can't just postulate he is out, is because OUT WANTS

     In order to stay in he has decided that being in at all let alone
for a while is the worst possible thing, so he isn't going to allow
himself to do ANYTHING that might get him in again, including get out.

     The truth is the more he dives in, the more out he will be, he will
be diving further in FROM a further out starting point, and will be
operating both being out and coming in at the same time with a very wide
span between them.
     The more he tries to dive in deeper, the more out his starting
point will be.  

     Get it?

     Thus getting out is just a dive away.

     That is very different than being collapsed in, wanting to get out,
and not being able to.

     Instead, once clear, he will be staying in on a create, create,
create being in, rather than on a stuck in persisting like a rock
wanting out.
     Once he is in, and wants out, he is facing the wrong way (out) to
get out, and thus he becomes more stuck in while facing out.

     Wanting out says you aren't out!

     That's called a prepostulation.

     Bye bye freedom.
     Prepostulate:  I am in.
     Postulate:     I want out.
     Question:      How come I can't get out?
     Answer:        God knows, some wrong why.
     Right answer:  Because you are postulating you are in.

     What should I do?  Let go of the postulate that you are in
here, and make another postulate you are in somewhere else.

     Oh no, he says, I never want to be in again, ever, ever, ever

     But that is what out does, it comes in, like ocean waves or the
tides, they go out, they come in, they go out, they come in.
     He is so busy trying to not ever come in again, he can't go out,
because once he is out, he WILL choose to come in again.

     Unless of course he doesn't for a while.  :)


     Wanting in says you are out.

     Wanting in PUTS you out.

     Desire and its concomitant postulates are CAUSE.

     Just consider the Chinese finger trap.

     Freedom is from wanting and moving in.

     The minute you try to pull out, it sticks around you and keeps you

     Crucifixion results from wanting out because you don't want in.

     If you just want in, maybe even somewhere else, you would be out
enough to make that move.

     It is the flinch of wanting out that turns pleasure to pain, beauty
to ugly, and light into stone.

     Why else would anyone WANT to get out?

     Being in, trying to get out and failing, is the definition
of misery.

     Ecstasy is the joy of having a hard time staying out because you
want in so much.

     There was a beauty to coming in.

     The being WANTS to get stuck in, he wants it on automatic, he WANTS
the game and mystery of where am I, how did I get here, and how the hell
do I make sure I never return?

     He loves that nightmare to pieces, surely more than his present
girl friend.

     He has to be in to HAVE that girl friend, don't you see?

     The only way he can stay in without waking up every time he
sneezes, is to want to get out and NEVER come back.  It's the forever
that makes it work and the mystery of why he is in that kills his
responsibility, his invite, and thus turns him around so he is looking
to get out, which sticks him in.

     How does a being change himself from wanting to be in, to
being so desperate to get out he can't?

     He adds the significance of FOREVER/NEVER to something, anything,
and that adds a chill over everything that freezes him in, as he is now
unwilling to be in or out.
     "I love you forever!"

     You see that's a forever in time.

     *ANY* forever in time makes him fear being in so much,
he never wants to be in any more.

     But the last time he was OUT, he came in, so what good is being
     Is he going to learn a lesson about the dangers of coming in and
never do that again?

     But being out forever is just another forever, which he detests by
sovereign nature, and besides how many lessons can you learn until they
sink you like a stone around your neck to the bottom of the sea.

     Lessons are always of the form:

     This must never/always happen again, therefore

     I must always/never do that again!


     Looking out puts you in.

     Looking in puts you out.

     A thetan can only stick to the bottom of the tone scale, so when he
first comes in, he dives for the bottom real hard in the hopes he will
stick and stay awhile.  
     Top level (divine, non human) beauties about doing this, cement the

     The primary beauty causing the stick is the mechanism he
uses to stick in.

     The minute he comes in (drenched in the beauty of it all), he has
to turn it around (drenched the horror of forevers) and claim he wants
out.  Then he can stay in trying to get out for the rest of time,
sinking further in all the while.

     This works like a charm and dream, no pun intended.

     And that's a good thing.

     The minute he tries to stay in because he recreates the incoming
beauties and humors, he will get out.

     But he will have lost his game.  Remember havingness is in games.

     He has swapped the game of trying to come in and not being able to
stay, with trying to get out and not being able to leave.

     If he does figure it out and finally gets out via eagerness to come
in, he won't be happy, as he will have lost his dream and co action with
all his friends still in the dream.

     Oh man is that sad.

     It's like leaving EVERYONE behind FOREVER.

     Eternal peace just can't make up for it.  Well maybe...

     So let's summarize.

     A being wanting to get out because being in is too horrible to
contemplate, will be stuck in.

     A being wanting to get in, will keep falling out, unless he can
quickly turn it around into wanting to get out once he is in.


     This is the original 'wall of fire' at the entrance to universes.

     The Wall of Fire was originally a Wall of Beauty, but after he
crossed to the other side of the wall he turned it into a Wall of Ugly
so he could stay on the wrong side of the wall for a while.

     He came in and the 'Wall of Fire' was his wish to get out forever
more and NEVER come back.

     Trying to get out, he sank below the Wall of Fire and is now a
"What Wall?" case.

     The Wall of Fire remains a NO EVENT until he honestly tries to come
in again and be here.  Then watch out.

     He thinks he wants to get out but this desire gets its power from
the original desire to come in and stay for as long as possible.

     Whiles can be as long as he can devise to keep around, there is no
upper limit (unlimited) to how long a while can be, but they are always
finite in final length.

     Unlimited but always finite.

     That's because no matter how clever a being might be, any while he
creates will always unravel in the end, making way for a new while to be
created in Eternity when the being wants to.

     A while can be extended and extended and extended, but no being
can keep a while around forever.

     For one its physically impossible and for two, its totally against
the being's sovereign desire, which is what is orchestrating these
whiles in the first place.


     All auditing is never in the direction of getting out, but in the
direction of recovering his desire, willingness and ability to come in,
TO BE HERE.  Then he is free again to stick himself in or out as he
desires in the future.

     Recovery of the ability to get out depends on recovery of the
sovereign DESIRE AND MASTERY of the intention to come in.

     Coming in puts one out, as one has to be out in order to come in.
Whether one stays out depends on whether one changes one's mind about
coming in after getting out.

     One can stay out and go do something else, but in general most
don't.  Many have gotten out many times just to come in again, even into
the same damn joint they just got out from, locking the door even harder
every time.

     It's just too sad to leave one's friends behind.

     People think that getting out is worth something, maybe everything.
Truth is staying in and enjoying it here is worth more.

     Much more.

     "Tragedy and travesty, romance and sin, miracles and majesty,
that's where I've been.

     Miracles in majesty, romance and song, tragedy and travesty, that's
where I've gone."

     It's just so sad to escape back to total peace and safety while all
one's glorious friends are still in the dream called Hell and High
Water.  Even the bastard friends.  They make it worthwhile.

     "Safety is hell and high water via eternal omni awesome peace."

     The being thinks he is trying to get to peace via hell and high
water, when in truth he is trying to get to hell and high water via
power of eternal omni awesome peace.

     If wanting to come in put you out, just how dangerous can coming in

     The being can't get lost, can't go anywhere, can't be destroyed,
what greater safety can there be then, regardless of what nightmare he
is engaged in at the time?

     These dreams however are only for a while, very long whiles, but
never forever in time.

     Hell forever is a violation of sovereign desire, a violation of
eternal friendship with self, others and the AllThatIs, and with CAUSE.


     When they say God loves you, at a minimum that means God accepts
you unconditionally, no criticism at all.

     God is friendship.

     We all are God in canartion, so really God loves himself

     All wars are with your friends, your brothers and sisters.

     Disownership FOREVER of a family member, no matter how badly they
have behaved, is the only crime.

     Disownership is rejectance.

     Rejectance forever is the opposite of acceptance forever, and so
that's God rejecting a part of himself forever.

     A part that is eternally irredeemable.

     You think God judges himself this way?

     Ludicrous no?

     God can create and take on some nasty roles, and laudable roles,
but the quality of the STORY depends on the existence of both.

     The unrighteousness of the bad, and the righteousness of the good
are both laughable in the light of divine beauty.

     That is not a human beauty, that is an eternal magnificence that is
quite beyond most human's conception until they 'see the light'.

     The goodness and badness of God, of the High US, exceeds even our
own imagination, acceptance, beauty and surprise levels.  Thus we get
upset with our fellow man, and try to separate from him forever.

     Make him not be, never have been, and never will be again.
     This is our only hell.

     Trying to make nothing of too much good or too much bad forever.

     The being is friends with his nightmare, this is the goal of
auditing, to restore that friendship, but not so much that he wakes up.

     If he's gone from the world he can't pay you.


     So the fall of the being from the top to the bottom is well
designed, and well arted.

     Adore calls it artful dodge.

     "The Source of all suffering is the fair chosen Adore Operation of
Cool, Class, Halcyon, SinSong, Thrill and Romance, via Living Majestic
Intelligence and Proud Fancy Free Faithlessness of Grand and Excalibur

     Suffering means not wanting to be here.
     Fair chosen means you desired and chose it with full awareness of
the possible consequences, in general if not in specific.

     Desire is sovereign.  Sovereign means you want it, you got it.

     Adoration is operation, if you adore something, operate it.

     If you abhor something, don't operate it.

     To operate means to make go, to put into action.

     High Cool is Eternal Omni Awesome Peace.

     High Anti-Cool is suffering.

     Majesty is eternal good humor born of mastery of songs of sin and
hidden joy.

     Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign for a
while, this is the impulse of the Imp soul towards humor, master of

     J.O.Y means J.O.K.E's on you.

     J.O.K.E.  means Justice Of Kindship Excaliper.

     J.E.S.T means Jokes   of Eternal Self Treason.
     J.E.S.T means Justice of Eternal Self Truth.

     Class is an attitude that all should live forever and be my friend
(outside of time.)

     SinSong is to sing another Source done wrong song, SinSong is not
sin as long as it is just song.  This is the story (song) written by the
Author, to whom it is always just song until he incarnates HIMSELF as
character who takes it seriously to heart and comes to curse the Author

     Thrill is the effort to get lost.

     Romance is the effort to get home.

     Miracle is the undreamed dream come true.  The soul just didn't see
this one coming, and can't have it because it's too good to be true.

     Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of time.

     Pride is agent, pride is vision of potential because pride is
source of potential.  They never told you that one.  Pride is the raw
quality of the fabric of existence.

     Fancy free faithlessness is faithlessness allowed to run wild
without restraint of the fancy (imagination).

     Doubt of sovereignty is self casting.

     Caliber is the worth of souls.

     Calipers measure caliber.

     The caliper of the caliber of souls is the questions they have
asked and the answers they have rejected.

     Excaliber means without worth.

     Excaliper means without measure, worth beyond measure.

     Justice of caliber is kindship Excaliper.

     In a world where someone must hurt, all need is for justice of
excaliper kindship.

     Humor is the only kind justice you will ever need, for ever for
real.  This thing ain't called a religion for nothing.

     Excalibur is the two edge sword of excaliber and excaliper, and all
other operating dicoms in existence.

     The sword is stuck in the star rock of your mind by your own
present time operational wizardry.

     A wizard is anyone who is a wiz with the sword.

     A King is anyone who can free and wield the sword of Excalibur for
themselves and for others.

     King Arthur was able to pull the sword from the rock because he was
willing to put it back in again so that others might try.  The others
were not so willing and so couldn't pull the sword out at all."

     Willingness to come in, to BE HERE, puts you out.

     From Adore.

     OK, time to take a break, go get a donut or something.


     Now let's take a look at this from another easier perspective.

     At the top you have the fact that admiring communication will
vanish all created conditions of existence.  This is because enough
admiration puts one beyond a need to DO anything to change the
condition, it is beautiful as it is.  Thus it gets as-ised and vanishes.

     It's the need to DO something about something that is considered
unadmirable (criticizable) that creates a persistence.  

     You can't DO something about something, without first
prepostulating that the something is there and not vanishing
on its own.

     Why would you ever try to do something about something that was
self vanishing?
     Silly, but that's why the universe continues around us.

     You can't get rid of something by saying it's there, but I didn't
make it, and I am not PUTTING IT THERE, and I don't like it so I am
going to change it!

     On the other hand if you say 'I like it and wish it would stay", it
won't.  Don't worry, be happy, you can always make it again and again
and again.  Forever vanishing, forever being recreated.  You can always
HAVE something, but automatic PERSISTENCE of things indicates a pretense
that you don't want them.

     You can't get rid of anything that you aren't putting there, at
least for a (short) while.

     Timeless admiration without intent to change will vanish anything.

     Timeless admiration means you don't want it to vanish, and thus it
will.  This is the love-sadness of all creation.  You CAN always make it
again and keep it around that way.

     (Watch out for the day you told yourself "I'll never be able to
make another one those"

     Thats invites you into the nightmare of preciousness, uniqueness
and fragility.)

     In other words you can't get rid of anything until you have found it
worthwhile, worthy of the while you originally put it in.

     Worthwhile means Worthy of the While.

     Not a waste of time.

     Approval that something was made.

     It's a no veto.

     This is not a matter of adding significances of justifications as
to why something unwanted is 'really good', which in fact just make it
worse, but more a matter of releasing significances that make it bad or

     Significance alloys pure adoration with abhoration and pain.

     Adoration is simply the top of admiration.

     Thus added significances cause persistence.

     "As one can accept and be content with things as they are, they
will not exist, that is absolute".  -LRH PXL Phoenix Lectures.

     However we have to be careful here.

     Resignation is acceptance with expectation of persistence.

     Humor is acceptance with expectation of vanishment.

     Adoration of operation is a bit of a joke, because if you adore it
enough, it won't be there to operate.

     The basic operation is TO PUT IT THERE, and you put things there
with adoration.  
     So that is both adoration of operation and operation of adoration.

     But don't get distracted because the instant you aren't putting it
there any more, it will vanish.

     You have to dislike something just a little bit in order to get it
to automatically stay around long enough to want to protect it to the
end of time.  Like some kitten or puppy.

     You may like kittens but that kitten is in hell and you know it.

     And that kitten just loves to bring hell to other things that are
just as cute, like mice.

     So your adoration of that kitten is not perfect, and you wish it
wasn't quite as it is at many different levels of horror or even
sadness, it will die one day after all, no matter how much you love it.

     Eventually of course your dislike for its persistence as a package
of qualities will build and you will end up wanting to destroy it

     You may want to 'be with your cat' forever, but does it want to be
with you forever?  It's sensible, hell no.

     Beyond creating something, continuing to operate it after it is
created is usually an effort to get rid of it, and failing that protect
it from everything else trying to eat it, and thus you get a

     It's a love hate relationship.  You love it because it is beautiful
and needs you, you hate it because it is fragile, precious and unique
beyond repair.

     So we come down from this rather high place to the first problem.

     The problem persisted due to a fair chosen refusal to communicate
with it's various parts with sufficient admiration to cause it come
apart and vanish.

     This was not a mistake, this was a PLAN.

     This was the design of persistence.

     The problem resulted in overts or harmful acts to 'solve' the

     Harm was used to deal with impending harm.

     The overts were regretted, justified AND restrained creating a
state of overwhelm.  This is why we say ORs don't run, only ANDs run.

     Justification make the overt right, AND restraint makes it wrong.

     Best of both worlds, he gets to be not guilty for having done it in
the first place (justification), and he gets to make sure he never does
THAT again (restraint) because he put an overwhelm in place so he can't.

     OT III, freedom from overwhelm, means freedom from regret,
restraint and justification.  Such a being is of little help and too
dangerous to those still stuck in tar.

     Justifications lead to time reversal called deds and dedexes.

     "You deserved what I did to you yesterday because of what you did
to me just now."

     Justifications also create black holes, as NOTHING that can be done
to you today can ever justify what you did yesterday, yet the being
keeps trying to find, suck in and pull in bad things done to them until
the being is a ball bearing rolling around the drain the hell.

     Bad things happen to everyone, but only stick to the guilty, they
don't heal.

     No one is dishing out karma, but what goes around comes around, and
if you have a need for it, once it finds you, it will stick to you
forever more.

     Need for suffering?

     Yah ya betcha.  
     Don't let the CHRONIC innocent victims fool you.

     The pure heal, the guilty not so much.

     One audits justifications and restraints, the need to be harmed,
and restore the ability to not harm, to release the overwhelms.

     Notice the need to be harmed is late on the chain of harm that you
first caused others with good intent in order to avoid harm, and earlier
than that just to cause harm period, not evil intent, but divine intent,
as the author creating a rip roaring story.

     Evil creates harm too, but no good story comes from it, except as
evil itself is part of a bigger story created by the Author.

     So the author is creating good stories about characters who create
good stories and bad stories.

     We may all be bozos on this bus, but there are no innocent chronic

     The overwhelm acts to both justify and restrain, also to drive into
oblivion, thus creating co excused withholds.

     "I won't complain about what you are doing to me now, if you won't
complain about what I did to others earlier."

     That's why past lives are gone, occluded by co excused withholds
between parent and child or thetan and body or something in a past time
and something in this time.

     If you can't remember what your mother did to you as a son in this
life, try auditing what you did AS a mother to your son in a past life.

     If you can't remember what you did as a son to your mother in this
life, audit what your son did to you as a mother in a past life.

     Oblivion is the make break point on the case.

     Above oblivion the case is naturally floating upwards if allowed to
do so.

     Below oblivion the case is floating downwards if not prevented from
doing so.

     Such withholds of regret, justification and restraint are then
missed, causing a being to develop ARC breaks, upsets, withdrawal of and
from affinity, reality and further degradation in communication with
others and himself.

     All ARC breaks stem from missed withholds.

     This leads to desires to gain and give sympathy, make self and
others right and wrong, and make guilty through computations that are
neither sensible nor useful.

     One will find the Golden Ally and Golden Foe in this area.

     However one needs to run being the hero, villain and victim around
and around to get at it.

     Failure to handle the above leads to corruption, temptation and
seduction and disintegration of ability to handle power, which results
in no power.

     "List ye now the reasons why you should not have power."

     This leads to dramatizations of seriousness, importance, permanence
and pain, namely FOREVERS and NEVERS.

     And this leads to changing sides on one's own goal streams.

     Eventually one is totally opposing one's own basic purposes in

     And that leads to becoming a tar ball swirling around the drain to
hell in the hypocrisy whirlpool.

     "If the Jews keep it up, they are gonna become Christians.

     "If the Christians keep it up, they are gonna become Nazis.

     If the Nazis keep it up, they are gonna become Sweet Old Ladies.

     And if the Sweet Old Ladies keep it up, they are gonna become Jews

     "Eventually all become marbles on the thetan plane." - Adore

     Yes Goober, it really is that bad, but all it takes is WANTING TO
BE HERE WITH ORIGINAL INTENT, to start getting out.


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