The purpose of clearing is to clear postulates.

     The purpose of clearing postulates is to optimize game invention
and play and maximize action.

     All created, non static, non native state, conditions in existence
are caused by postulates in present time.

     Postulates are cause, by clearing postulates one clears case and
body conditions and allows the pc to rearrange his beingness and

     Clearing charge is of secondary importance, as charge does not
cause conditions, postulates do.  Charge is itself caused by two
postulates in opposition.

      I want        - I can not have
      I do not want - I must have.

      I want *AND* I do not want...

     Clearing charge without clearing the postulates underlying the
charge will not clear conditions or free the pc, or if it does, the
underlying postulates will simply charge it right up again.

     It is however almost impossible to clear charge without to some
extent making the pc aware of the postulates underlying the charge, but
the incident will not remove completely until the postulates are spotted
and blown.

     Once a postulate in an area is blown, the pc is then free to place
other newer postulates in that area for the future.

      Without postulates in place there can be no action or game play or

      But one can not put a new postulate in place until the older
postulate is blown, one can not override older existing postulates with
newer different ones, that just creates more charge.


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