Ted  wrote:
> An auditor who requires physical proof of exteriorization would be a
> very bad auditor in my estimation.

      We used to joke back at the ORG about putting a 3x5 card on the
back of the pc's head with a number on it.

      When the pc could tell us what the number was, it was EOS.  End Of

      There are many kinds of exteriorization, the most common being the
kind where the being kind of spills out of his eyes and can touch
everything in front of him for as far as he can see.

      But his viewpoint is still stuck in head.

      The being first entered the body knowing he was doing so, so the
viewpoint was put behind the eyes, but the being still pervaded out in
all directions.  He could count the branches on a tree because he could
FEEL them like he can feel his own fingers and toes and count them with
his eyes closed.

      His radius of feel though was limited to a few hundred feet.
Eventually his radius of murder and other kinds of pain began to drive
him smaller and smaller.  The radius of murder is how many feet outward
from you do you have to go to find at least one murder/torture/rape
taking place.  Then futher out is the outside of the radius murder which
is how big do you have to be before there is ALWAYS at least one murder
going on at any time.

      Later the being wanted to BE the body to be more careful, and so
withdrew all spillingness into the face and skin, so now everything is
inside and the body dying from the resentment of it.

      When the being starts to exteriorize again, he starts to spill out
all over everything like a conscious liquid that would run down to the
basement through the cracks.  Well he can see the rats in the basement
if that's any comfort.

      But the viewpoint remains in the head.

      There is another kind of exterioriation, where the being finally
realizes that OUT THERE is actually IN HERE.

      Suddenly he finds himself on the surface of sphere about 5 inches
across, looking inward at the chunck of the universe that he is
presently at.  The perception is immaculately clear, and the being is
smaller that the body's head, but the body is entirely inside the sphere

      Now the being can move the viewpoint of the image inside the sphere
to anywhere that he wants, the sphere never moves because there is no
where to move it.

      The pc WANTS to prove these conditions, he wants to CO ENGAGE in them 
with other play mates, but there has been SO MUCH whole track punishment 
of bodies, friends and lovers (or pets), for refusal to cooperate using 
these powers to other's ends, that the being just won't do it any more.

      Any effort to prove it, and he wilts with the willies back into the 
'lowest common denominator acceptable' condition relative to those "around 
him" which can be a very wide sphere at that point, more than earth.

      So he becomes safe by becoming like the lowest in that
large shere of beings and he thus becomes very low indeed.


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