Mickel  wrote:
> I am trying not to be egotistical here because as far as I am concerned this 
> is not about me being superior to anyone else it's just something I became 
> aware of when I was very young, I can't think of the exact word I need but 
> in a spiritual sense we are all equal or translates best as "We are all 
> Spiritul Beings"

      We are the HIGH US.  Top level agreements are made in UNISON and

      However at any one time, some are more awake, and some are more
lost in the nightmare of death, departure, reversal and damnation.

      People often ask me "Homer do you think you are better than


      For a while :)

      And there are others who are better than me.

      "Worship is WORKSHIP the ship of worthy work.

      The master worships the pig in the pen in the hopes that one day
the pig will better than he.  Any celestial anybody has this dream."

      That's why I bother with Kevin.

      "However all masters are the same.  Each can source.

      But each will source differently.

      Ability at the top is identical and common amongst all.

      Potential is identical amongst all, but tendency is different
amongst all.

      Anyone can BE or recover anything.  Any new stuff too.

      You can do anything you can imagine, if you can imagine it.

      If you can't imagine it, can you imagine not being able to imagine

      This is NO JEALOUSY.

      You are able because I grant it to be so, even though I can't do it
myself, I can give the ability to you.

      Same for you and me.

      Everyone is unique in tendency, but everyone can find master piece
in all.

      This is spice.

      One can even choose to not be able to see that this is true.

      Then one can't see it is true.

      This is Astounding Imperial Stupidity."

      From ADORE.


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