Illusion cases will tell you everything is an illusion, or virtual
reality including their own consciousness or some such nonsense.

       Illusions certainly exist, but underlying them are actualities that
are not illusions and which do exist, either above time or in time.

       Concentration on what is an illusion without equal concentration on
what is not an illusion results in becoming an idiot.

       Word clear the words actuality, reality, illusion, delusion
and lucidity carefully.

       In particular reality is what we think is true, and actuality is
what IS true.

       Wisdom is a reduction of the gap between reality and actuality.

       People who think they know it all, generally don't.

       But there are things to know, and some people generally know one
hell of a lot more than others including how much they don't know.

       Lucid means knows an illusion for what it is, delusion means
thinking the illusion actual.

       Then run,

       "What is illusion?"

       "What is not illusion?"

       They guy will get it wrong for a few hours, then start
to get it right.

       This is another form of the power process

       "What is?"

       "What isn't?"


Fri Oct 10 13:56:50 EDT 2014