>>    To BE the infinite yes.
>>    To KNOW the infinite, no.
>>    Homer

>You're certain you could not know this?
>Makes self-knowledge a lost cause then.

     Knowledge is a yoke around the neck that sinks one into the sea
of oblivion with the weight of one's wisdom.

     One can BE Source, the minute one KNOWS ABOUT Source one has begun
to indulge in pretty postulates that have little validity other than
what one assigns them.

     Source does not need to knowing anything about itself in order to
operate, source knows how to operate natively without having to know
ABOUT how to operate natively.  Just like a baby breathes, it knows how
to breath without knowing anything about breathing.

     The process of enlightenment is the process of getting all
entangled up in 'knowing' the nature of Source, eventually one
realizes that one is creating this knowingness, and that which creates
knowingness is not knowable.  It is BEable it.  You are being it in
making postulates about it.

     "The UnNameable dreams the Nameable."

     "All of existence consists of Source speculating about itself.
     Most of what it thinks is cute but wrong." - Adore

     Those who think they are going to 'know something' at the end of
their journey might want to consider how deep one can sink under the
weight of their own knowledge.

     Maybe one can know the infinite after all.
     Presumably one will see the light before they get there.


>- CBW