Mickel  wrote:
> The Hindu system tells us about Maya.
> A surprising amount of people seem  to  think  that Maya  tells us
> that the physical is an illusion.

     It does and it is.  The physical is a dream, and exists only as the
dream in consciousness amongst it's co dreamers.

     There is no metal or wood or plastic in a sleep dream, everything
is made of the same stuff, conscious picture stuff.

     Same for waking state.

     The illusion is that there exists something OUT THERE, that there
is an out there in which to put steel, wood and plastic, and that there
is cause between them.

     Stuff exists, but dimensionality does not, except as holographic
illusion.  There is only one stuff, conscious stuff.

> Whereas  what  it  actually  tells  us  is  that  awareness  of  "only"
> physical and mental life is the illusion.

     Yes, this too is an illusion, the absence of ever present divinity
leads to the illusion that there is no divinity.

> It is not that the physical is all illusion.


> The illusion is the idea that the physical is all there is.


> The second understanding tells us that the more we are aware of
> the physical and  the  less  that we are aware of  the spiritual  the
> more deluded we are.

     Yes, delusion is believing illusions to be actual.
> We  could  say  that  the  above  has  already  happened, we  have
> become so acutely introverted into the physical existence that we
> no longer have much actual awareness of our spiritual nature.

     Yes, the dreamer is not aware that he is dreaming.

     When was the last time you had a self aware dream, a sleep dream
where you KNEW you were dreaming, and rather than being the effect of
it, you started to take control of it because you know it was only a

     Same for the waking state.
     It's only a dream, but a rougher tougher one than sleep dreams.

     For one the waking state is a CO dream amongst many different
people all dreaming the same thing.

     For two it's hard to just wake up from the waking dream and leave
it all behind without dying.

      Rest clipped as correct.


Sun Dec  9 22:42:48 EST 2007