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     Since all learning is learning about how things affect you, the
only thing you can learn about something, is how it affects you, all
learning is learning about cause.

     If something doesn't affect you, there is nothing you can learn
about it.

     Is the world in the hands of the sane people?  No the world is in
the hands of the crazy people.  The sane people aren't going to push the
button, but at the same time they can't stop the crazy people from
reaching for the button.  So is there anything you can do?  No.  The
only thing you can do is get rid of the button.

      Is there anything you can do to keep the crazy people from reaching
for the button?  No

      I am a lot more scared about being blown out of the water by people
who have the bomb than by people who don't have the bomb.

      The little red button

     You know I am told the world is in the hands of sane people, but
that's not true, its in the hands of nut cases.  You know why, because
the sane people won't push the little red button, the nutcases will.

      Now thank God the little red buttons of the world are mostly in the
hands of the sane people, but that won't stop the nut cases for reaching
for them.  The real quesiton is can the sane people stop the nut cases
from reaching them, and the answer is no

      The nut cases can't wait to push the red button even if it takes
themselves out, because they can't wait to get to heaven doing God's

     You know my posting on privacy might have indicated that I believe
that any effort the government makes to crack down, to sacrifice privacy
for security, is mistaken, far from it,

     When there are terrorists everywhere and dirty bombs in every
suitcase, it is time to put a policeman in every bedroom.

     The citizenry just needs to keep their finger on the control panel
so they can stand down their police state after the emergency is over.

     Do you value your 3 SUV's in the garage more than you value your
freedom to speak?

     What part of your life do you value most?  What part of your life
do you value least?

     The item is *GREATNESS*

     Trying to make it valuable.

     People who take the cross they hang on too seriously, need to
lighten up, a LOT.

     Confession is also about your dreams too.  Reference to adore about
True Confession.

     You must tell at least one other living human being who can have
and receive your communication without flinch and reaction.

     Love and Shame can not of Force and Mass be Made

     One Nation Under God is an abomination of the truth which is that
we all are god playing the game of thinking God is on our side as we try
to destroy the other.

     This is God playing the game of Being An Asshole.

     Just as the Christian thinks the Muslim is going to Hell, the
Muslim thinks the Christain is going to hell But you know what, they are
BOTH going to hell where they will be packed like sardines all over each

     Now that's Justice

     But only for a while, until the smell of packed sardines begins to
nauseate them, turn their stomachs, and they give up their foolishness.

     Aren't you worried about losing customers?  Nah, who needs the
stupid suppressive bigots on our system.  I am more worried about
getting murdered by some Christian or Muslim who thinks he has found a
sure fire one way ticket to heaven.

     The Christians and the Muslims understand their is only one Heaven
and they will be sharing it with both of them.

     But first they have to get in

     There is no bigger sin than bigotry.  Murder, adultery, theft,
nothing, because they are only for a while.  Only bigotry is forever
because bigotry is ABOUT forever.

     Bigotry is the belief that some people are irredeemably morally

     Bigotry is the one capital cardinal sin, you can not get into
heaven until you give it up

     Bigotry, wishing someone to hell forever, sending someone to hell
forever, or even merely BELIEVING that someone will go to hell forever,
or even wondering if someone will go to hell forever, is the one
cardinal sin.

     Heaven does not discriminate based upon race, creed, color or

     The Christians are in such fear of their God, as if God needs
nothing from them.

      People think that Hell doesn't discriminate according to race,
creed color or religion.  Little do they know that Heaven doesn't

      It's belief in hell FOREVER that gets you out of Heaven for a
while, at least for as long as you hold onto your belief in hell
FOREVER.  So it can last a while :)

     Attempted dones count as dones.  Just considering it however

     The only people who go to hell forever are those who are trying to
send something or someone to hell forever.  Wishing counts.

     Hell however is merciful, it is like a Chinese finger trap.  The
minute you stop trying to send something or someone there, it can't hold
onto you any more either and you pop up into Heaven.

     People who really BELEIVE in hell FOREVER for anyone, are destined
to go there for a while.  Once there, no one can hold onto the belief in
hell forever for long, but they stay there until they give it up.

     You have to try hard to go to hell.

     You can't have two objects in relation unless they have qualities
of being.

     The most dangerous people are not those that bow and pray to the
devil but those that think you do.

     Christians are into alcohol and Muslims are into pot.  That each
side tries to make the other illegal is religious bigotry at its best.

     I want a girl that can see the mountains 100 miles away better than
she can see the pimples on her own face.

     The younger can rarely see how much older the older are, but the
older can see how much younger the younger are.

     The cardinal virtues: Justice, prudence, fortitude and temperance.

     Licence to breed.

     Boys and their toys making war games.

     Attractive and unattractive.  What are you trying to attract, what
are you trying to repell, what are you trying to get the attention of.

     Interactions, to interact and to not interact.

     To be important to, to be unimportant to.

     Wanting to be important to people but not wanting people to be
important to me.

     Wanting to seem important, wanting people to think I am important,
wanting people think I am cool.  Needed and wanted, regency.

     Wanting to belong

     I want something perfect

     I don't want to be old, young and old.

     Wanting to be attractive to older people, attracted to me as a

     Competition is the essence of life.  In the absence of competition
there is no quality.  If you love something compete with it, if it
starts to fail, let it compete back.

     My life is aimless.  Aimlessness.

     No matter which way I turn there is no reason to go.

     So I keep moving just to move.

     What am I to do?

     Wandering, to go wandering around.

     Too much unwantedness.


     Desperate searching.

     Poor me.  Poor me, exhausted and cute.

     Can't relax, can't rest, must work, must keep going.


     Trying to impress, to gain admiration, proneness, it is prone

     Native state is prone.

     The lesson of science is that God is a mathematician first and a
purveyor of damnation second.

     Mathematics and damnation

     To be a diplomat

     Left and right fight each othe with swords tipped with their
respective presidents.

     The universe is a living being, if you do something to enhance the
universe, the universe will do something to enhance you.

     Or not :)  (Hard Candy)

     It is inconceivable that someone so interested in mathematics as
God obviously is, could be so interested in sending anyone to hell

     Bascially hell consists of blame, false blame, and refused

     Its fine to say that god allows people to do evil things in order
for them to have free will, but why does He allow them to do evil things
to innocent people?

     God of a different lineage.

     You know me I think the Christians and the Muslims should sit down
and stop all this 'You are going to hell forever because you follow a
God of a different lineage' stuff.  If they don't they are going to end
up in hell together.

     And as for pinheads, Larry King was talking to one the other night,
and asked him, "Where was god on 9/11?", and he said God allows evil
people to do evil things so that they can have a free will.  Yeah but
why does god allow evil people to do evil things to good innocent

     If I did that, if I created a universe where evil people were
allowed to rough ride it over good innocent people, I would be
considered a monster.  I can hear a pinhead saying "Yeah but God has
infinite wisdom!" So I am supposed to conclude that infinite wisdom
makes it OK to allow evil people to rough ride it over good people?

     I think the universe is a lot bigger than your average religious
dingdong has conceived.

     Edge of War

     The vengeance of the Lord is Love and the divine punishment is
Eternal Magnificence.

     What are your postulates?  Spot an asset.

     Am I taking responsibility where I shouldn't be?

     Anarchy is a sea of micro tyrannies. It's our efforts to climb out
of that sea that we build government.  But that government must be
designed to protect the people against that government.  Otherwise it
results in a sea of one macro tyranny.

     I am not a conscientious objector because I believe in God, but
because I don't believe in God!

     Trust is at the level of a God Postulate.

     It's you against life basically, its you against the planet.

     That's where the dependencies come in and the self inadequacies.

     Depending upon magic

     Still and in motion

     Giving up and keep trying

     I gave up during school

     Trust in whom or trust in what?

     Trust is probably relative to a game

     Worry and confidence

     Insane and sane, trying to solve my life from an internal magic
point of view is insane, I should just go out and get a job.

      It's force, punishment and hurry making myself work.

      I feel permanently ill, ill and well.

      Exhausted and replenished

      Despondent and despairing

      Eager and enthusiastic

      Getting up and resisting

      Maybe its resisting getting up

      God can't help you unless you have a personal inventory on the
table.  What do you have?  Spot an asset.  But they gotta be assets you
HAVE.  What do you have?

      Real hero material

      Trying to think about the unthinkable

      To really take care of myself, to not depend on daddy's money

      To not depend on anybody

      The reason for separation between Church and state is there is
nothing more insane than religion on this planet at this time, and there
is nothing more dangerous than an insane religion with an army behind

      The universe is a song of tears

      If there were no war, no bad guys, and the world were at peace
would you be out of a job?  Would you starve to death?

      You can't commit a crime on another without becoming a victim.

      It's got nothing to do with karma, its got to do with the laws of

      That last was in reference to soliders who try to make each other
solid so they can kill them.  In the process of intending that someone
else be solid enough so that you can harm them with a bullet you become
solid yourself Why?

      The only thing worth mocking up is what's next?

      Outside of the all that is, is nothing, because if there were
something, it would be part of the all that is.  The all that is, is
what we call God, is a living sentient being.

      God being infinite would never stick himself in an infinite hell or
an infinite heaven.  He would stick himself in an infinite series of
these little games he likes to play where there are both heavens and
hells, but things only last for a while.  You either win the game or you
lose the game, then you start all over again.  With some eternal peace
in between.

      I don't want the Nobel Peace prize, I want peace.

      Philosophy is like wine tasting, its question tasting.  One should
have at least tasted of the questions, even if one never finds the

      God Bless America is bigotry, as it implies God Damn everyone else.

      It's like God Bless Whites Crude and crass.

      This world exceeds me, and if its a (word lost) its only because of
the drive in man to accomplish something good even if the odds are
stacked against him

      The perception of cause is the perception of time  First A then B.

      An object has nature and nurture.  It's position in space/time is
its nature, and its nurture is whether it affects other objects in

      Deliberation and deliberateness

      Coming to terms with war

      Strong and weak, only the strong shall survive

      Major failures in commandingness

      Challenge The need for challenge.

      Who am I to make these comments?  The military, I pay their salary,
they don't pay mine.  The military is a hired hand for the non military
under the command of OUR elected officials.

      Can you go to hell for obeying the orders of your government?

      When your government tries to say for God and Country aren't they
trying to usurp God for themselves, to get you confused as to who you
are actually following?

      Is it always morally right to kill when the government tells
you to?

      Is it always morally wrong to kill when the government tells
you not to?

      What do you owe your country?  What does your country owe you?

      What causes people to be willing to share?  I don't know, probably
mostly smell.  If the guy smells like you you will be willing to share
with him.  If he smells like those grease balls over there, you probably
won't be willing to share with them.

      America may be the best outhouse on Earth, but its still an

      People ask me, well if you don't like America why don't you leave
it?  Well for one, one out house is pretty much as good as another.

      For two, because it is my home whether I want it to be or not.

      And for three because I am here on a mission, and it would be a
violation of my mission orders to to abandon America.

      "America, love it or change it."

      And they ask "Mission orders from whom?"

      That's for me to know and for you to find out I will tell you one
thing though, it comes from much higher than anyone waking around in

      The republicans think the employer should own the employee,
and the democrats think the employee should own the employer.

      That's who owns who around here.

      The hawks have a hard on for war and can't wait to stick it up the
enemies ass.

      Airplane approaches building, F15 warns him off, airplane gives F15
the finger, F15 blows him up, uranium is spread all over manhattan, and
the guy inside is laughing all the way to heaven, hell or his next life
depending on what you believe.

      I watch CCN all day long, the hawks start talking and I go yeah you
are right we should take them out now, the peaceniks start talking and I
go yeah you're right, we should wait a while.

      I have never had a bonding experience with America.

      The fear of being interrupted.

      I am opposed to going to war without world and UN approval, you
can't just give the world the finger and expect to win.


      What is the fate of Earth?

      Its the stupid little non producers that burn all the fires and
pollute everything for us producers and make life more expensive

      Gotta keep working

      We are getting to it, we really are, we're getting to it

      Trying to be aware of the world through the body

      Becoming suicidal

      Throwing a fit when hit too many times

      Dread that something is going to happen

      I can't feel good about anything

      Care takers of carrion

      dread, I am not adequate to the day

      I am doing everything wrong

      I am cheating just to get by

      I should just admit I can't do it Stop pretending I can.

      Its endless

      So why bother, you can't accomplish it anyhow

      It will just come back

      there will just be more of it

      Its too much work getting up to work



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