Electra's position that bad can happen to anyone, but only 'sticks'
(doesn't heal) to the guilty is a dangerous position, particularly
around people who have elected themselves professional victims and tried
to make themselves into a 'protected species'.

     Karma is the stickiness of injuries, not the original fact of the

     Should anyone speak the truth on the matter, the professional
victims will take great umbrage, throwing a dedex fit so to speak, and
try to nail the speaker to a cross or torture him until he repents from
his position that suffering only sticks to the guilty.

     (A DEDEX is the complaining and blaming that guilty people do to
cover up what THEY did EARLIER, the DED.  Dedex means the DED EXposed.
A DED is an unprovoked, sometimes accidental, harm that the guilty did
earlier that they are feeling guilty about and thus the try to find
things done to them LATER to help justify what they did EARLIER. The
DED -> DEDEX sequence is a sashay down the garden path into the garbage
pail and compost heap at the dark end of it.)

     Since we have all partaken in this nonsense, trying to drive the
sense of total responsibility out of ourselves and others, all are
susceptible to this kind of torture and we will gladly bow and pray to
the God of Innocent Victims if they would only please take the nails
out.  Their effort is to make us admit that we are suffering and yet are
innocent victims.  If they can hurt us enough, they figure we will
figure 'we don't deserve this, so they must be right!"

     Doesn't change the truth one iota.

     Bad can happen to anyone, but those that don't heal from it, or who
try to build a life empire out of it are guilty either before or after
or both.

     We all know that clean hands make a happy life, and that the way to
happiness is a true confession.  The reason this is so lies the
mechanics of flinch and cringe.

     Sovereignty is real and absolute for everyone.

     Majesty is the *SOVEREIGN* desire that desire not be sovereign *FOR

     Don't let the professional victims seeking protected species status
fool you otherwise.  Most of the time they KNOW they are lying and they
wonder if you know, the rest of the time they believe it themsevles and
have fallen for their own trap.  They *HAVE* to torture you to make
themselves right.

     Thus Christ said "Don't throw pearls before swine." unless you are
willing and able to sell the wood and nails for a profit to the guys who
are going to crucify you.


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