Bud McDermot  wrote about Phil:
> I really would like to hear you explain the difference between the 
> philosophy or belief system, and the fraud, crime wave etc.
> I've always gathered that you believed scientology had a flawed basis,
> but what is a better view of it?
> It would be good if you were more communicative of this rather than just
> appearing to emphasize one thing to achieve your point.

     Forget it, Phil is a computing psychotic, dramatizing endlessly
about his hallucinations on the subject of Hubbard's more endless evil

     Everyone has a case, but to Phil, Hubbard was not only a dog pc,
but also a dog messiah.

     Whether OT III happened or not, or some equivalent, is an
interesting question, it deserves further study and respect, not

     Dropping down from Eternality and peace into Immortality and fear
of hell forever, and further down into mortality and fear of death
forever, is way worse than any physical or mental implant that one could
throw at a being anyhow.

     Black V's are Black Infinity cases.

     The Black V has no future, *THAT'S* what he can't or won't see.

     Most of the nut cases on this group are "dramatizing NO" cases.  NO
space opera, NO implants, NO war, NO other civilizations, NO melding, NO
joining, NO merging, NO compacting of beings together, NO nothing.  They
have withdrawn from so many different places, times and universes, that
the only place they can be is in their heads.

     Get on a meter and assess for how many 'NO's there have been.

     Interiorization is exteriorization from everywhere else by going
deeper in.

     Consider the sargasso sea, there you find Phil spouting off on a
log of driftwood amongst the seaweed and dead fish who listen

     People thus live their lives as dots in a universe of endless

     Eventually they all become marbles on the thetan plane, rolling
around and around the drain to hell.


      Spot Alone.     Spot NO Alone.
      Spot Together.  Spot NO Together.

      Denial of some cosmic history or another is one great big co
excused withhold, if you won't mention how I did this to others, I won't
mention how you did this to me.

     Who did what to whom in the end is irrelevant, that's a desert of
death with no results because the being's own choice is at cause.

     And above that there is no cause, as not only is the static
spaceless and timeless, it is also causeless.

     Hubbard made a serious mistake in defining the static as spaceless,
timeless, massless, and energyless, but nonetheless had cause, could
make postulates.  We are *WAY* down from static by the time the illusion
of cause comes into play.  I mean so far into the abyss, that we have
forgotten we jumped, who we are, where we came from, *THEN* we get the
idea of cause.

     "Man this place is dark, I think I will be cause around here!"

     A zillion years later he's digging tar out of the bottom of the
abyss with a pick thinking "Who or what is cause around here and why is
it such an asshole?" Adore calls that religious insanity.


      Cause          - NO Cause
      Causelessness  - NO Causelessness

      Timeless Cause - NO Timeless Cause
      Causeless Time - NO Causeless time.

     Phil has been asked politely to stop spewing his garbage on a number of times, he often goes away for a
while to 'preen his integrity' as he calls it, another notch in front of
a crazy house mirror, but then he comes back just as fucked up as

     You can tell this because he puts down Scn, without constructing
something better, faster and more accurate.

     Nothing ever changes with the psycho.

     We been up to something these last zillion years, what was it?

     Don't like the axioms?  Then build some new ones that don't start
with Q1: Hubbard was a nut case, Q2: Hubbard was an evil nut case, Q3:
Hubbard was a con man, and Q4: everyone interested in him has been
conned and brainwashed by him.

       Perhaps something like the following.

      Q1: Hubbard had a case.
      Q2: Case is fear of future.
      Q3: Future is an illusion.
      Q4: Seek Eternality via Spacelessness, Timelessness, Causelessness 
and Effectlessness.

      Take 10 minutes of *NOTHING*.


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