Bigotry is the idea that someone, or something is irredeemably
morally inferior forever, thus deserving to go to hell *FOREVER*.

      The forever violates the sovereign while that the space time game
stream was created in, thus kicks back on the person holding such a view
as an ARC break with the AllThatIs that lasts forever, or until he gives
up the bigotry.

      He doesn't want time to last forever, that idea violates his
sovereign desire, but he wants someone else to suffer in time forever.

      Thus the person wishing hell or death forever off on anyone, or
anything, ends up there himself.


      The one that gets you in trouble forever.

      Forever means in time.

      Immortality means living forever in time.

      Eternality means living forever where there is no time.

      You can do anything to anyone for a while, but remember this dream
(time) ends forever when the circle of friends are all holding hands
again.  Thus act with class and good intent at all times, even while
doing what is necessary to protect the greater good.

      It's ok to kick your brother into the abyss if necessary, but one
day either you or someone is going to have to climb down there and dig
him out, dust him off and re integrate him back into society if he
doesn't manage to do so himself.

      Punishment must always be to teach and correct the offender, not to
set an example of fear for others.

      Punishment must always increase love and respect in actuality not
in pretense.

      *ANY* sojourn in time forever, no matter the experience, will
eventually become a detested hell forever.

      Time can only be created in finite whiles, when they end, the being
returns to eternality, to sleep, and then eventually to dream a while

      Thus each while is different, no single while that lasts forever
can possibly encompass all infinite variations of ability in a being,
thus an infinite while is condemnation to a single room forever.

      No matter how interesting that room, no single room can hold one's
interest forever, the time that follows after boredom sets in, then
becomes hell forever.

      The only way to totally disintegrate and rebuild a room a new, is
to return to eternality for a while and start from scratch.

      Thus all time is created in finite whiles, with a beginning and an

      "Beginningless and Endless time" is a trap to subdue beings into
overwhelm and non sovereignty.

      Bigotry causes speparation between the bigot and his victim, thus
causing the bigot to enter a hell forever in time, until he gives it up.

      The only way to be separated from anything forever, is for YOU to
be in time forever.  That's YOUR hell, not theirs, you see?

      Bigtory is always against one's own brother or sister.

      The very thought that there is or might be a hell forever, or that
someone should go to hell (or death) forever, causes the being who holds
such a thought to suffer that fate himself until he gives it up.

      He is creating it to give to another, so he has it as long as he
creates it to give to another.  Whether the other accepts it is another

      Thus if you are suffering a hell of sorts forever run,

      Who or what are you wishing into hell or death forever?


      "To Damn, NO To Damn."
      "To Bless, NO to Bless.

      It might take you a few lifetimes to get the item.

      At which point you will be free to enter and leave eternality at
will without consequence until fair chosen.


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