Theta Bop  wrote:
> There is not the slightest shread of evidence for any of these claims-

     You mean YOU have never seen any.  Please stop considering us
idiots that can't see through your pitiful efforts at logical treason.

     At this point you would be thrown out of any debate for criminal
dharma treason.

> though I had never heard of the Murder Rundown. One thing I noticed is
> that Scientologists tend to become very angry people.

     They can, it has to do with the unbalance of motivators and overts.

     If you run out the overts of a person, and not the motivators, they
become overladen with remaining motivators and start wanting to commit
overts again (anger, no sympathy etc) to balance the load.

     If you run out motivators on a person, and not the overts, they
become overladen with remaining overts and feel very guilty and start to
pull in motivators to balance the load.

     Auditing should be a 4 flow process, but Book One for example was a
1 flow process, run the motivators only, so people felt guilty and
started to pull in more motivators to balance.

     In the Church, too much attention is on pulling overts, and people
feel ashamed to have motivators to run, so the overts get run, the
motivators stay in place, and you get an anger case seeking to overt on
others again to balance the motivators 'he doesn't have'.

> The church has killed on many occasions, with various degrees if
> deliberateness. OT magic pixie dist would be a good way to do this and
> not get caught.
> Why not do so?

     I hate repeating myself.  No one in the Church has that ability.

     OT powers up to OT VIII are reserved for power in one's own
universe, and perhaps power in a shared universe with another OT.

     Moving the marble in the shared physical universe is not part of
the bridge at that point, nor is killing any one.

     Anyone who can kill at a distance is probably no where near
associated with the Church any more.

     The people in the Church who try to kill people are dramatizing 007
licence to kill, they are neither clear nor OT.

     Many people come into the church only because they want
licence to kill and to overwhlem.

     OT's are more likely to spend their time messing around with
elections by globally projecting intentions to vote one way or another.


     Having physical magic powers is not what will make you happy.

     Having inner certainty and proof that you are a timeless eternal
being will.  What power then flows will flow.

     If you are being robbed, you would more likely get the guy
to change his mind through projection of intention, than try to
kill him as if you had a gun to defend yourself.

     This is why many people who are going OT VII, stop carrying guns as
self protection because they see it is in fundamental conflict with
trying to be able to deal with life with thought reason and group mind,
rather than force.

     The point is you made the universe along with everyone else, you
assigned yourself game playing powers, and if you can't move the marble
its because you chose to not be able to, long long ago.

     In the past you have been able to kill at a distance, I assure you,
and you regretted it, and finally became disgusted with the power and
yourself, and you decided to become a body which has very little in the
way of power and can't remember it's detested past, and now you want
proof.  You see how silly that is?

     "YOU CHOSE, what proof did you leave behind you now?" - Adore

     If you want power back, you will need to first get back the ability
to LIMIT your abilities, so you can duplicate the original act of
limitation that defined your present power set, which will vanish that
limitation returning you to native state.
     Then you can redefine your power set by limiting yourself back down
to where you can move the marble, but not a mountain say or whatever you

     Too much power means no game, but in any case:

     Power comes with total responsibility for no power.


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