OK, here is the truth.

     Demonstration of OT abilities will never convince anyone that they are 
an eternal being, or that they can have those powers themselves.  Thus 
doing so is very dangerous.  If they survive the shock of opening their 
pandora's box of immortal nightmares, you will at best have won a follower 
who needs your powers for his protection, and at worst won a detractor who 
is scared of your powers and will do anything to destroy them, you and 
your loved ones.

     Further even recovering a memory of one's past track will never 
convince a being he is an eternal being, but only an immortal being in 
time, destined for hell forever.  He will CHOOSE to doubt and go back to 
being mortal to protect himself from the vertigo of immortal doom.

     The only effective case gain then is to put the being back in
direct contact with his eternal timeless, spaceless, causeless static

     THEN he will be able to take full responsibility for the illusions
of immortality and hell forever, and mortality and death forever.

     Sorry that's the only way.

     Demonstrations of OT power for the mere sake of demonstration to those 
who want proof of their eternality is strictly verboten.

     It's the worst thing you could do for their case.


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