A Operating Thetan is a conscious unit.

     Clear is a spiritual state free from aberration.

     Aberrations are self installed but otherwise other determined
thoughts, emotions, and efforts that result from pain and
unconsciousness stored in the being's time track, which are not
appropriate to present time, and are damaging to the life of the

     There can be acute aberrations, moments of insanity born of anger,
hate, and no sympathy or even regret, and chronic aberrations which
persist through the whole life of the being, including physical somatics
(pains), crippling conditions, and other disabilities on the spiritual,
mental, emotional and physical planes, including chronic illness of many

     The time track is erased by first removing all the force, pain and
unconsciousness from the recordings by direct viewing of detested
moments along with his intent to use them, and then when the time track
is fully clear, it can be erased in its entirety leaving the person with
no recorded memory of his history.  Memory then results from direct
pervasion of the past.


     People tend to think that clear is a gradient on the way to
becoming OT.

     In fact CLEAR and OT are two completely different subjects.

     There is no BECOMING OT, everyone is an OT at all times.

     OT's have two operating modes called Creator and Creature, Author
and Character, or Game Creator and Game Player.

     The basic purpose of an OT is to create games of limitation, of
freedoms, barriers and purposes, and then to jump into them and play
them for fun, either with or without awareness of having created the
game (or bought it from another), or of self incarnating as the player.

     Like an arcade game writer or Author, they create characters with
abilities and limitations, give them goals to strive for and barriers to
attainment, and then they don, take on, these creations and play them as
if they were actual.

     Happiness is the overcoming of not unknowable barriers towards
known goals.

     Happiness is in the chase.  The chase creates time and persistence
for the dreamtime apparancies of matter, energy, space and time.

     When games are no longer fun, it is time to become the
Creator/Author again, and redesign a new game for yourself.

     This is a lot easier than trying to continue the existing game by
acquiring super natural powers so you can break the game rules and win
by cheating against an overwhelming enemy.

     Games become no longer fun mostly when the chances of either
winning or losing are too high.  It's the not know on the matter that
generates thrill.

     Remember a game that is won is lost, you need a new game.

     A game that is lost, is also lost, again you need a new game.

     Happy havingness then is having a game to play, that still needs or
demands playing, usually with full awareness of who created the game and
who chose to engage it.  But sometimes not, some games are more fun if
one simply wakes up into them one day in the middle of the enemy coming
over the hill (mother), and having to hit the floor running.  One can
then spend quiet times musing about 'What's it all about?'

     In otherwords, where am I, how did I get here, and where am I
going?  You see he KNOWS the answers to all these questions, but
sometimes the game is such that it would ruin the game to know.

     OT's in creator mode are often expected to have supernatural powers
like telekenesis, but a being who can create a space and time, put a
table in it with a marble on top, is very unlikely to be interested in
proving that he did so afterwards, let alone move the marble in
violation of game rules as a game player.

     If you can put the marble there with your will, you can move the
marble with your will.

     Further the OT would be putting the "Prove it!" case there to harp
at him.  Prove it cases are just another marble on the table to the OT.

     If game rules allow for telekenesis, then the marble will move when
it is time, but breaking game rules wakes everyone up from game player
mode into game creator mode ahead of schedule, kind of like calling
'Portal!' on the Enterprise's holodeck.

     Other game players HATE that.

     Yes, life is a holodeck dreaming that it is not.

     Consciousness exists, physical universe is pure hallucination
including the brain.  All physical objects are symbols for something
actual going on in the spiritual world.  Cause is thus in the spiritual
world, and not the physical world which is a dream rendition.

     The 'why' exceeds most people's imagination, mainly because creator
mode is somewhat alien to creature mode, and what is virtue for the
creator is not necessarily virtue for the creature and visa versa.

     A 'good' Author will create 'good' stories consisting of good and
bad people.  A story with only good people in it, would be boring to the
point of self termination.

     Yet if a character were caught creating bad people, he would be
drawn and quartered.  Kind of the way most people feel about God.

     It's not OK for someone to have done this thing to someone else,
but it is OK to have done it to yourself.

     Thus goodness in an Author and goodness in a character are not the
same thing.

     Characters in fact fear authors for just that reason, they worry
about being part of a 'good' story, sometimes the good die young.

     But the good also live forever, and in the end, because no one
judges anyone but one's self, only the good end up in hell for a while,
because only the good feel guilty.

     So its an interesting world out there, much more interesting than
our parents taught us.


     Clearing has to do with aberration.

     The primary source of aberration is carrying around a time track,
which is a spiritual facsimile recording of everything that one has
done, and experienced.

     The problem with the time track is it records the FORCE which
impinged on the being at the time of the recording and the pain and
unconsciousness.  Thus when the being reactivates a recorded incident on
the time track, the recorded incident can FORCE the being along, with
pain and unconsciousness to do, think, feel or say something.

     The time track itself is a fair chosen creation, it had its
purposes at the time, perhaps to control the being during times of
extreme danger when the analytical mind could not think clearly.

     But the utter idiocy of the thinking that takes place when the time
track is commanding the being is far worse, and has ended everyone up in
the soup they presently find themselves in today.

     It's all fair chosen with the twinkling of an eye, but its a long
slippery slope getting here, so you won't find a single moment of
responsibility for the entire mess, but many of them.

     A time track is a recording of everything that has happened to one,
particularly moments of pain and unconsciousness.

     The moments can restimulate during similar dangers in present time,
and when they do, they offer to the being 'solutions' to his present
predicament.  These solutions are taken from the winning valence in the
past incidents that are in restimulation.

     Somewhere in the past you are bugging someone, and they hit you
over the head with a stone and kill you.  They are the winning valence
in the recording.

     Sometime in the future, someone is bugging you, and the past
incident comes over you and almost MAKES you pick up a baseball bat and
knock the brains out of the other.  There is a moment of choice in there
though, when the present being thinks 'well this looks like a good
idea', WHAPP!

     More often in civilized society these things happen at the level of
words and emotions, which similar results.

     Maybe words can't kill, but they can kill a relationship.

     Regret however CAN kill.

     Such events are often regretted, and thus the being loses faith in
his own ability to deal and stay cool, and he doesn't understand anymore
that he is getting long ago solicited 'help' from his time track,
because his time track is buried in unconsciousness and pain which only
reaches out to 'help' him determine what to do under moments of extreme
stress and danger.

     At some point in the child's life, the continuous stress of living
around other aberrated people will result in the child CHOOSING an
incident in which he lost or was hurt, and begin to 'wear' that incident
full time.

     Such incidents usually have a golden ally then them, someone who
defended the being during the original recording, against the contra
survival forces doing the child in.

     So you get the hero, villan, victim triangle, where the being was a
victim, the golden ally was the hero, and the villan was the bad guy.

     Father is beating up on child for spilling milk, mother is trying
to fend him off...

     Mother is sticking knitting needle through fetus to abort it, and
aunt rushes in to stop her.

     Psychiatrists are giving mother electric shock treatment while
unknowingly pregnant with early fetus.  Spirits move in to protect the
fetus from the waves of electricity.

     Sometimes a person can be his own golden ally from a past life.

     Pregnant mother is trying to commit suicide by hanging, her father
rushes in and stops her.  She has baby, father dies of old age on same
day, he comes back and takes over new baby body.  Baby grows up haunted
that he will never find his one true friend that he has been looking for
all his life.  It's him from his immediate past life.

     Normally when such a sympathy incident comes into play, the present
time being will choose the valence of the winning villan, but if that
doesn't work well, he will choose his OWN valence of being a chronic
victim in order to entice others to become the golden ally again in
present time.

     His computation is if he could just be the way he was when he was
last defended by the ally, the ally will materialize and come to defend
him again, or he might get someone else of similar sensitivity to
surrogate for the original ally.

     At first it works, then it doesn't, then the guy is stuck with the
incident in chronic restim, because he has failed to confess the ploy.

     And since the incident contains numbness and unconsciousness, he
won't remember either the incident when it first occurred, or the choice
to use it, let alone the choice to forget about it later.

     Thus you have your work cut out for you when trying to clear a
human being.

     Being unclear says nothing about whether one is an OT or not, all
uncleared beings have a time track, and that time track will 'help' them
whether the OT is in creator mode or creature mode.

     An aberrated creator mode being can be a real liability to have
around, for he starts to write BAD stories, rather than GOOD stories.

     However enough lift up into the top layers of creator mode will
raise the being above his time track where he can work with it directly
unaffected by it.

     Word clear the above until you understand the difference:

     Good story,     bad story
     Good character, bad character.

     When clearing a being you need to get at the first moment of
murderous intention, anger and no sympathy, That's his worst valence,
and its source will be found to be in his most detested part of his time
track, the part that most never happened.  If he is aware of it, it
ain't it.

     If he keeps his NO INCIDENT in place in present time he will
feel fine but tend to dramatize murdering things once in a while.

     If he begins to wonder what's up with the blood trail, and
starts into SOME INCIDENT, somatics will turn on that will murder him.
He is in a moment of BEING murdered, so when he flips back into
valence he feels like he is dying.

     Run "Who or what are you still trying to murder, kill or destroy."

     Or get him back to creating NO INCIDENT.

     That will chill out the somatics real fast without knowing anything
about the incident.

     He lost his class during that one, no more Mr.  Nice guy, no more
friends with the universe, no more you are my brother, nope, your skin
will wear nicely draped on my wife's back.

     But mixed in with all that murderous intention is regret, sometimes
he murders the wrong guy, some times the sad eyes of his victim really
get to him, you can feel sorry for anyone if they are doing bad enough,
and eventually he forms a murderous intention towards himself and his
own murderous intentions.

     Then you got an unauditable ball of mental mass, the guy is at odds
with himself.

     To BE or not to BE?

     To KILL or not to KILL?

     To KILL *AND* not to KILL?

     As long as he is stuck in an indecision on these matters, he will
be spiraling downward in life.

     This state kind of parks him as an OT in the creature mode, because
he dares not have any power that could be used to harm anything or write
further bad stories.

     Thus it is generally considered that a person needs to be cleared
first before one can work on getting them back into Author mode again in
order to better design their life's game.

     Of course there is so much bad that comes from the aberrations of
being unclear, that just getting cleared will improve all but the most
crazy OT's life.

     But crazy or not, once cleared, any OT can start rewriting better
stories for himself and his game mates, even stories in the wild beyond,
the undreamed dream come true.

     So charge the guy at least $100/hour to get him out of his ball of
mass, BUT GET HIM OUT OF IT.  Don't pansy around with this stuff, or he
will one day start to target you.

     The greatest danger of auditing a murderer or worse someone who has
been murdered, is getting murdered, and that's everyone.

     No one has a track free of murder, and everyone has wished murder
off on so many others during this and other lifetimes he can't remember
it any more, and attempted murder counts as murder.

     So we all have some clearing to do.


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