Ball of Fluff  wrote:
> It's interesting to me how some people get stuck on the OT powers thing. I 
> wonder if some ex members had that as a hidden standard.

     The primary reason lower tone people get into a desire for super
powers is to even the odds in life, particularly when one feels
surrounded by criminals, or evil people.

     The desire to protect the body leads one to want to remote view,
read people's minds so you can see them coming, direct them away from
you by telepathy alone, and failing all that blow their brains up.

     An OT can CREATE bodies, why is he then PROTECTING bodies?  That's
sub death, and long gone from OT.

     Thus when looking at OT powers, one must look at the MOTIVATION
behind wanting to use them.

     Human motivations, born of fear, hatred and wiping out assholes
forever tends to dry UP OT powers, because one is already committing to
be dependent upon or worse BEING a body, which of course doesn't have
such powers.

     You can't become cause by being an effect, and you can't become
cause to protect yourself after choosing to be an effect.

     OT motivations, which are game creator motivations, however tend to
free up powers.

     People tend to think that if they have the ethics, ie are a good
character then they will get OT powers, but OT powers don't belong to
good characters, they belong to good AUTHORS.

     It is the author that creates the world, puts it there, not the
character.  He who can create stars, can move the marble on the table.

     Generally even the good character is in rigid opposition to the
nature of the world, to the existence of evil.  The good character would
NEVER create evil just to have a good game or story, yet that is exactly
what the OT did as Author.

     The good character doesn't appreciate the existence of the evil
character, and his temper is tried at every encounter.

     Thus the good character has no OT powers against evil characters
because the good are unwilling and unable to PUT the evil there.

     They want to destroy the guy with a thought, but can't bring
themselves to CREATE the guy with a thought.

     The effort to stop something one didn't start is insanity.

     This pretty much defines the good character.

     But by the time the good character can PUT the evil guy there as an
act of creation and tapestry, he is being the Author, and thus will have
whatever powers he wants to NOT PUT the evil there should he change his

     OT powers are there for anyone who dares to use them.

     It isn't a matter of ability, its a matter of superior
unwillingness and messed up counter postulation.

     "I hate being a body, but now that I am a body I want to be a
superman so I can continue to be a body against all odds."

     If you hate or fear being a body, then don't be a body,
then you can be a superman.

     Basically being a good character hounded by hoards of evil to the
end of time is safer than being a game creator prone to jumping into his
own games, for he can always make it worse.

     Game creators LOVE playing games of chicken with themselves
as creature.
Sun Apr 20 01:30:24 EDT 2008