If we were to be kind to dumb animals we might say that what the
woglet wants is to know that they are an eternal conscious unit, whose
future is secured from death forever and hell forever, free to create
and play games they want to play, and never having to play games they
don't want to play.

     They want the ability to sleep for as long as they want with out
external impingement, and to wake up for as long as they want without
forces knocking them back to sleep when they don't want.

     They want to know from direct experience that timeless eternality
exists wherein their own personal sovereignty reigns, and that existence
'forever' in any particular single time stream is hell forever.

     They probably also want to know that consciousness is not a process
in the brain, and thus has existed and will continue to exist trans
brain, and perhaps if they have the guts, to know that the brain and
physical universe don't actually exist at all but are virtual renditions
of matter, energy, space and time in the self luminious consciousness of

     That which SEES space and time HAS NO space or time.

     Wild, eh?

     They don't call this place the valley of the *SHADOW* of death for
nothing.  The brain is a shadow of an idea projected into your waking
consciousness.  Its functionality is virtual, as is the death that
follows its disintegration.

     Your average woggy also wants to know where he came from, where he
is and where he is going and to recover come control over the matter.
Or regain some control over NOT having some control over the matter.
Why ruin a good thriller after all, when all that is necessary is to
remember vaguely having paid for your seats to restore some
     He wants to know that he HAD original prime control over the
matter, and regain some recognizance of how he came to be where he is.

     Which includes knowing he once had powers and lost them and how.
     This immediately gives him a path back out, as the way in is the
way out, through perfect duplication of creation of limitation and
unawareness of choice.

     In otherwords the woggy wants to know he can have what he wants,
and in fact DOES have what he wanted.

     Mostly he wants to get back into the game he is playing and be able
to forget his worries about the future based on ignorance or false
precepts of all of the above.

     Can you imagine not being worried about your future?

     How much would that be worth?

     What OT level shall we number it at?

     Probably the most dangerous super power there is is absolute
equanimity about one's past, present and future.

     Imagine trying to control a being who can't be bothered?

     Below that if someone demands that you prove you have some
dangerous (to them and others) super power, and you explain that it
would be dangerous to do so, and that if THEY had such powers, THEY
wouldn't demonstrate them to a broad public audience either, yet they
continue to demand such proof over and over again, I would say they are
dramatizing a covert evil intention to destroy.

     They want to know who has super powers in order to destroy those
who have them.

     Even after you demonstrate, they will not be able to maintain their
certainty that you did in fact demonstrate, so what good have you
availed them anyhow?

     But more to the point, they don't believe they can have those
powers themselves, which makes you who do have them target one, either
to follow as a servant to be taken care of and to take care of you in
return, or to destroy you lest they be enslaved by someone more powerful
than they.

     No one OWES anyone proof of anything.

     Just because you can prove, doesn't mean you have a duty to prove.

     Need does not bestow right.

     Being able to HELP might imply a duty to help, but proving and help
are two different things.

     Particularly to the demanders of proof who can not be helped as
their intent is to destroy and who thus should not be helped until they
reach with the hand that is behind their back.

     The worthy will benefit well from what little proof you give them
to get on the path to give themselves all the proof they will ever need.

     They will KNOW they don't actually want proof from you about your
powers, they want help from you to find proof in themselves about their
own powers.

     You don't need to be OT to remind them they are OT, couldn't ever
be anything else but OT.

     Then they will know you are too.


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